VALORANT: New Game Modes Players Can Expect In Episode 4

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 is currently a week away from releasing, and players believe that a few new game modes would be a brilliant way to complete this chapter.

Episode 3 revolved around the new Agent 16, KAY/O, and then came the seventh VALORANT map called Fracture. Now, in the final act of Episode 3, players will get to see another new Agent, codenamed Deadeye. However, even with so much content, the game can feel a bit boring after a few hours.

There are two primary reasons why players are raising this issue in Episode 3. Firstly, the causal grind in VALORANT is difficult without friends and teammates who communicate. Then we have the lack of new game modes, which sits at the core of the problem in Riot's popular FPS.

Nevertheless, we have listed a few game modes that might be interesting to see in VALORANT in upcoming updates. Although, before delving into these suggestions make sure to check out our best Agents guide, and weapons tier list for Episode 3.

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VALORANT: Top 5 Game Modes Fans Can Expect

Riot Games previously introduced innovative and fun game modes like Replication, Escalation, and Snowball fight. These game modes became exceedingly popular because they offered something different from the regular search and destroy format.

Game modes like these are necessary for a popular FPS title like VALORANT. They take the edge off the competitive hustle which players face every day in ranked mode. Besides, having various game modes means that there are new ways to play the game.

Here are five game modes we think would do particularly well in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3.

Prop Hunt

The classic hide-and-seek mode called Prop Hunt has become quite popular among gamers in recent years. Numerous titles implement their own version of Prop Hunt to make things exciting for players.

Imagine having a Prop Hunt mode in VALORANT where your abilities would be used to primarily hide, and search the map for opponents. Having a game mode like Prop Hunt in VALORANT Episode 4 will definitely make things for casual players.

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Weapon Race/Agent Switch

Gun Game or Escalation is already present in VALORANT. It was introduced back in February and did really well with fans. The same mechanics can be used for a new mode where players race to get better weapons in a team or free-for-all environment. Having a weapon race with Deathmatch mechanics would also be excellent. It will teach players to tackle different situations with the weapon they have.

Similarly, having a game mode where players will have to play with new Agents every round would become quite popular in VALORANT. It would keep players in the dark as to which Agent they will play next round, and will help improve the general game sense for newcomers.

Capture The Flag

For the third choice, we are taking a page from Halo's most popular mode. Classic CTF is where two teams compete to bring a flag from the opponents base.

This can be an innovative addition to VALORANT, considering the vast map design the game already has. Implementing this would require new elements, but it would definitely make the game much more entertaining.

Zone Domination

Zone Domination is another exciting game mode that players may get to see in VALORANT. Players would have to rotate from one zone to the other before the enemy team and capture it as long as they can.

Having only a specific number of abilities for each life would fulfil the concept of respawning after death. The zones need not be an entire spike site, but just a part of it. This will make things even more competitive where only the best teams would survive.

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Team Deathmatch

We already have a free-for-all Deathmatch in VALORANT, which is brilliant for practice. However, Team Deathmatch would be a unique inclusion to the game considering how players like to aggressively push spike sites.

Snowball Fight was a great game mode, and it showed that the mechanics for TDM is already present in VALORANT. Fans would love to see such a game mode coming to VALORANT with the Episode 3 Act 3 patch update.

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