VALORANT Map 8: Riot Devs Hint That The Next Map Will Have A Geo-Dome

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 is scheduled to end on 2nd November, and fans are excited to see what comes next. The developers hinted at a new Sentinel Agent arriving with the next Act, and it will be interesting to see how they fit in the pool.

Simultaneously, the devs also mentioned that they hid clues on the Fracture map regarding VALORANT Map 8. Fracture's interactive feature revealed a few conversations between characters in the VALORANT Universe, and experts believe that this is the big reveal for Map 8.

According to Cynprel, a popular VALORANT lore expert, the next map might be located in Brazil and will have a geo-dome structure. So if you're interested to know more about VALORANT Map 8, then we have you covered.

Here's everything we know about Map 8 before VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 begins.

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VALORANT Map 8: Geo-Dome Structure From Earth 2

In a recent blog post, Riot developers mentioned that hints for the next map 8 are already planted in Fracture. This means that players will have to follow all the content drops on Fracture to be aware of these hints.

The content drops for Fracture change with every patch update, and every time Riot devs craftily add a few hints for the community to ponder. These content drops are emails between a few scientists in the VALORANT Universe.

Cynprel breaks down the essential bits from all the conversations. They highlighted how a city-wide geo-dome was brought up twice in the emails. This majorly hints at the next map in VALORANT.

These conversations between Earth 1 and Earth 2 remarkably revealed how time works in the VALORANT Universe. Earth 2 is a bit ahead, technologically at least, and their infrastructure is far more advanced. Thus, it may be a possibility that VALORANT's Map 8 will be located on Earth 2.

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VALORANT Map 8 To Be Set In Brazil

Cynprel also deduced based on the names of the characters that the next map might be located in Brazil. This theory seems plausible since Raze is from Bahia, Brazil.

However, the geo-dome is something new and it reveals a lot about Earth 2. Essentially, geo-domes are built to preserve and protect an area from hazardous climate. Although, a city-wide geo-dome sounds futuristic enough to avoid natural disasters.

Cynprel highlights that Earth 2 is not in an apocalyptic state, and this means that the geo-dome is for protecting the population against climate change. Thus, even with all the technological superiority, Earth 2 still needs the help of VALORANT Protocol and its Agents.

Cynprel further elaborates that based on the information at hand, fans won't get to see the next Map 8 for quite a while. It is certain at this point that Agent 17, aka Deadeye, will arrive in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3.

Subsequently, Agent 18, codenamed Sprinter, might arrive in VALORANT Episode 4 Act 1. This means that the new map will arrive sometime around Episode 4 Act 2 in 2022. This information is based on the previous map reveal patterns, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

As for now, fans will have to wait for the official announcement, but having a geo-dome map would definitely make things exciting.

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