Valorant: Is A Rank Reset Coming In Episode 3 Act 2?

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The latest announcement from Valorant developers has confirmed that new changes are coming to the Ranked system in Episode 3 Act 2.

Valorant's senior competitive designer @RiotEvrMoar recently posted on Twitter about this upcoming change. He mentioned that after a thorough investigation the devs have decided that rank distribution will be reworked in the next Act.


This investigation focused on how specific ranks felt bloated across all regions. For instance, Silver is a rank that is filled to the brim with players. This doesn't essentially mean that the players in Silver are at their proper ranks.

Some may belong to a higher rank category like Gold or Platinum, while others may place somewhere in Bronze.

So, with all these changes at hand, here's everything you need to know about the upcoming ranked reset in Valorant.


Rank Reset in Episode 3 Act 2

On July 22nd, @RiotEvrMoar posted a Tweet mentioning that the devs are looking to figure out why lower ranks are bloated. He elaborated that this is about distribution, which is the percentage of players in each rank.

This was followed up by the recent announcement where he confirms that changes are coming in Act 2. Naturally, fans and players flocked to his Twitter post to uphold their concerns.


One of the comments features an in-game screenshot that shows how a former Radiant ranked player is matched up in the same lobby with a gold player. @RiotEvrMoar clarified this situation by pointing out the difference between Act rank and current skill.

He mentioned that players tend to get better playing Valorant and their last Act rank doesn't determine their current skill. He further elaborates how this doesn't account for boosted accounts or rank manipulation.

How Does MMR Work In Valorant?


The discussion in @RiotEvrMoar recent Tweet went ahead to MMR and how it works in Valorant. He mentioned that no MMR system knows the actual rank of a player, even after five games.

He said, "Even if we showed MMR it would take you X amount of games before your MMR was at the correct spot. Plus MMR is very confusing, you would play one match get 30 kills and get +5 MMR, and then drop 5 kills and get +15 MMR in the next. It doesn't message well."

Matchmaking can become a huge factor in Valorant, especially if you're in lower ranks. It's too common to face players who are either from a higher rank, have better skill for their current rank, or smurfing with a lower-ranked account.


In short, the ranking system needs a massive change for lower ranks. This would not only help players find their perfect rank in the game but also help them improve from there.

Effectively, all these changes are to have the proper percentage of players in a certain rank. So, players who are hard-stuck at Silver or Bronze may very well belong to a higher rank.

Hopefully, this means that rank distribution will be more even in the upcoming Act. However, we will have to wait and see how the developers implement these changes in Episode 3 Act 2.


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