The Mysterious Robot Named KAY/O

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KAY/O is the newest agent that is scheduled to join the Valorant roster. The agent will be available to everyone from June 22nd. The Episode 3 Act 1 battle pass goes live on that day as well.

But what's the story behind this mysterious robot?


KAY/O origins

There are a few plausible theories surrounding the origins of KAY/O. Here's the one that I found most convincing.

In the trailer, we see Brimstone leading KAY/O into battle. We also see him dying a couple of times before he manages to clear house after restarting the sequence.


This just proves that KAY/O is a robot powered by artificial intelligence, allowing him to learn and improve accuracy.

There's a player card that Brimstone has, and it's called "No Man Left Behind." This card shows a figure carrying another figure out from a battle field. On the contrary, KAY/O also has a similar card called "Memory Log" that has the same image of the two figures.

KAY/O also comes equipped with a dog tag that is similar to a gun buddy exclusive to Brimstone. Not only that, there's another player card called "Memento Mori" that features this dog tag.

Putting all these together, we realise that KAY/O is indeed from the future and has travelled to the current time through the portal. This KAY/O sides with the Valorant Protocol.

We also get a glipmse of a dystopian earth in the trailer. The condition of Earth turns bad after the mirrored agents start mining for Radianite. We also see KAY/O going head to head against Reyna in the trailer.

Reyna is the Spanish word for Queen, so it can be assumed that she's the leader of the resistance that defeated Kingdom in the alternate world, and KAY/O is going head to head with her.


However, since the Valorant Protocol failed to stop the Kingdom from destroying the Earth, they sent KAY/O back in time to help nip the bud. KAY/O coming back in time makes more sense because he's just a robot and will be immune to all of Reyna's powers.

This is also backed up by the voice lines that KAY/O has in the game currently. He's got a few interesting voice lines with Skye, Sage and Reyna too.

This is one of the most believe-able theories about the origins of KAY/O in Valorant. We'll update this bit if something more interesting pops up!

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