VALORANT: What Is The First Light Event And The Mirror Earth Theory?

Any hero-based first-person shooter game like VALORANT runs on immersive characters and relatable storylines. The game currently has 16 Agents with six different maps. These maps represent real-life locations in the world, which adds context to the storyline.

The game can be seen as a battle between two polarities, where one team is tasked to blow up the map, while the other protects it. However, both these teams are not from the same Earth.

This explains the phenomenon of how both teams can have the same Agent in VALORANT. A Mirror Earth exists in the VALORANT universe and it was featured in the Duality Lore cinematic.

Here's everything you need to know about Agent counterparts and the Mirror Earth before Episode 3 Act 2 begins in VALORANT.

First Light

The First Light event took place ten years before the "Venice" incident. This planetary event's global impact led to major transformations to the evolution of life, technology, and resources.

Ordinary people all around the world started developing elemental and supernatural abilities. These individuals were collectively identified as Radiants.

However, that's not the only change brought by the First Light event.

A new element Radianite was introduced into Earth's atmosphere. Thus, the evolution of technology led to Kingdom's experiments with Radianite.

Prime Earth

VALORANT is set in a near-future Earth, ten years after the first light phenomenon. A group of enhanced individuals led by Brimstone formed VALORANT Protocol as a task force to defend Earth-Prime and its Radianite.

Prime Earth, or commonly known as the player's reality is where new Agents are introduced. Each Act introduces a new Agent, and the latest was Agent 16, KAY/O.

Hence, every match in VALORANT has each team representing Prime Earth, and Mirror Earth.

Mirror Earth

The Mirror Earth theory originated from VALORANT Duality Lore cinematic where we get to see a different version of Earth. This Earth looks similar in every way except for the glowing lights on specific continents.

This hints at a theory that the Mirror Earth might have different Radianite centres. Similarly, a section of the community believes that the Mirror Earth is ahead in time and they have already lived through the events currently happening at Prime Earth.

In the Duality Lore cinematic, Phoenix got a chance to meet his counterpart from the Mirror Earth. Later on, we see the Phoenix variant returning to his Mirror Earth to inform his team.

Similarly, fans believe that the Mirror Earth has already had its Civil war between Radiants and Kingdom. The reason for strife between Mirror Earth variants and Prime Earth Agents is still unknown, and will be explored in the upcoming Episodes.

Interestingly, Agents from the Mirror Earth have only one purpose, which is to steal Radianite from the environment by planting explosive Spikes. While some believe that the Radianite is for Mirror Earth's sustenance, others claim that a war between two realities is imminent.

Currently, there is no way to ascertain what the Radianite is for. Fans will get to know more as the game progresses, and the devs made it clear that they want to go ahead with this narrative style to reveal more about the Agents.

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