VALORANT: The Best Duelist Agents To Play On Fracture

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 introduced the new map Fracture, and players are still getting used to the best team compositions for this map. The H-shaped map makes it easy for attackers to pinch a spike site from opposite angles, but every team needs a proper Duelist to create an entry.

The game currently has five Duelists - Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Raze and Yoru. While all of them are viable on Fracture, a few work better than others with random team compositions. Similarly, Fracture's design is full of close-combat angles, and long-sight-lines.

Thus, players will have to choose the best Duelist who can not only punch an entry but also confuse the enemies to rotate. So, if you want to know more about the best Agents that can do this on Fracture, then we have you covered.

Here are the best Duelist Agents to play on Fracture in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2.

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VALORANT: Best Duelist Agents on Fracture


Yoru is considered the weakest Agent in VALORANT. Nevertheless, the Japanese Duelist is in his element on the Fracture map. The huge H shaped map is perfect for a teleporting Agent like Yoru.

His fake footsteps can become a strong tool to confuse the opponents. On the attacking side, Yoru mains can use footsteps and gatecrashes to fake an entire Spike Site.

Similarly, during defence, Yoru can become the dynamic flanker every team needs to cut off the opponents. Fracture is perfectly designed for one-way flashes, so make sure to learn a few lineups to catch the enemy off guard.

During the early access for Fracture, numerous experts claimed that Yoru will finally be viable on a map. The developers also mentioned in recent blogs that they have decided what to do with Yoru's rework.

It will be interesting to see if the Agent is still viable on Fracture after the footsteps rework is implemented. As for now, Yoru stands as the best Duelist to play on Fracture.

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Even after numerous nerfs, Raze remains to be one of the top VALORANT Agents. Her toolkit is full of damage abilities, and this makes her a top Agent to pick on Fracture.

Raze's boombot and grenade can clear out angles before entering any Spike site. For instance, during the attack, players can use this to clear out the blind spots at both A and B Sites. Raze's boombot follows a specific trajectory, so make sure to send them in towards unreachable angles.

As for mobility, Raze stands third in line to Yoru and Jett on Fracture. Her satchels will allow players to make quick rotations and cut off chokepoints in case of an early rush.

In all fairness, Raze should be the best Duelist to play on Fracture, but she defers to Yoru on mobility and map control.

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Reyna is undoubtedly the strongest Duelist in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2. Her toolkit is designed to be self-sufficient, and this becomes a huge factor in Fracture.

Her only weakness on this map is mobility, and for that Reyna, mains have to become creative. Unlike Yoru, Jett or Raze, Reyna doesn't have any abilities to give her a mobility boost.

Nevertheless, Reyna is exceedingly useful on this map. Fracture is a map designed for intense close-range combat, and this is where Reyna's flashes become most impactful.

While attacking, Reyna can take charge of a site by aggressively flashing off angles. This will confuse the enemy and force them to peek at a certain angle.

During defending, Reyna can become a passive lurker on Fracture. On the other hand, players can also be aggressive with this Agent to get a few early frags by holding unexpected angles.

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