VALORANT: Will Duelist Get A Major Buff In Episode 3 Act 3?

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VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 recently received the patch 3.06 update, and fans are particularly concerned about Duelists. Jett, one of the most popular VALORANT Agents was recently nerfed to better suit the current meta.

This has left players with very few options in the Duelist category. Experts argue that Jett is still 100% viable, but the fact that the Agent will demand a higher skill ceiling is what makes all the difference.


Currently, VALORANT has five Duelists in Episode 3 Act 2, and it doesn't look like a new one will be added before Episode 4. With these recent, nerfs fans are expecting major buff for a few Duelists in the upcoming Act 3.

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VALORANT: Duelists May Need A Buff After Episode 3 Act 3


Riot devs recently released a State Of Agents blog which addressed all the recent changes implemented in Patch 3.05 and 3.06. They highlighted that Jett's nerfs were aimed to force players to be mechanically accurate.

Earlier, Jett mains could escape the clutches of death by simply right-clicking and using smokes. Now, that aspect of her gameplay has been significantly nerfed. Thus, the skill-cap for any Jett main is at an all-time high.

However, there is a major section of the community that believes that Jett's dash should be nerfed instead. For instance, Jett can currently dash in any direction. Fans demand that instead of this Jett should only dash in the direction she is facing.

Similarly, let us consider other Duelists like Yoru and Phoenix - they are nowhere close to Jett's pick rate in competitive games. Although Phoenix has damage abilities in his kit, his flashes and Ultimate ability can seem useless at times.


As for Yoru, the weakest agent in VALORANT, Riot developers informed that they have decided what to do with the character. It is most likely that we will get to see a massive Yoru rework in VALORANT Episode 4 Act 1. This rework may resemble cloning, but fans will have to wait for the official news.

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VALORANT Strongest Duelists In Episode 3: Raze And Reyna


Despite the ult cost change and the boom bot nerf, Raze remains to be one of the strongest Duelists in VALORANT. The Agent demands players to become more mechanically proficient, especially with the Satchel ability.

Other than that, Raze's kit has enough utility to eliminate multiple opponents at once. The high-damage abilities make Raze a definite threat in higher ranks. However, there are several counters to her in VALORANT.

Similarly, we have Reyna, the most self-sufficient Agent in VALORANT. Essentially, Reyna has only one ability which is to throw Leer flashes. These can be destroyed by opponents, and Reyna only gets two flashes per round.

Reyna's strength as an Agent in VALORANT lies in the player's mechanical aiming skills. If a player is exceedingly proficient with their aim, then Reyna is your best bet in the game right now.


That being said, Jett mains and community experts are convinced that her current state will make players become better at the game. She is still considered the strongest Duelist in VALORANT, but there is no denying that her recent nerf was pretty significant.

It will be interesting to see how the developers change the state of Agents, especially Duelists in upcoming patch updates. Yoru, and Phoenix are definitely in need of some much-needed buffs, and players are eager to see how Riot will implement these changes.

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