VALORANT: Recent Leaks Suggest That New Agent 17 Is Called Vincent Fabron

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VALORANT 3.07 patch update brought several new changes to Episode 3 Act 2. It introduced the new RGX 11z Pro bundle and also implemented some Agent changes. However, the highlight of this patch remains to be all the hidden clues added by the devs regarding the next Agent.

Agent 17, better known as Deadeye, is expected to arrive in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3. According to community experts, Deadeye's arrival will reveal numerous nuances of VALORANT's storyline.


Recent discoveries from data miners hint at a new name for Agent 17. Several experts derived from in-game voice lines that Deadeye's real name might be Vincent Fabron. Riot developers also hinted in one of the recent blogs that Deadeye is French, and has a penchant for theatrics.

So, if you're interested in knowing more about the new Agent, then we have you covered. Here's everything you need to know about Deadeye Agent 17 coming in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3.

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VALORANT: Agent 17 Deadeye Real Name Is Vincent Fabron

The latest patch update in VALORANT brought some new voice lines to the game. At the same time, fans were expecting to see some new content drops on Fracture, and Riot devs fulfilled those wishes.


Fracture has a unique interactive area in Defenders Spawn where players can learn more about VALORANT's universe. After the recent update, fans can notice that the interactive feature now shows a new message which pertains to Deadeye.

The message is from Robert Pontes who was introduced with the content drops on Fracture. In his mail, he mentions the "tie guy", which sounds remarkably similar to Deadeye.

VALORANT Lore expert Cynprel, discovered some more clues while scouring every nook and corner of the Fracture map. They revealed that a new secret code was released, and it translated to "Who is Mr Fabron?”


Simultaneously, an audio file was released in-game that featured the following lines: “Warning, Vincent Fabron is no longer permitted on facility grounds. A person resembling Fabron must be reported.” This audio line is one of the biggest hints we have so far concerning the new Agent 17.

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Is Deadeye A Radiant And What Are His Abilities in VALORANT?


Most fans are expecting to see Deadeye, Agent 17 in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3. That being said, Riot Games mentioned that the next Agent will focus on mechanical outplays, forcing players to rely on their gunplay skills.

The devs are quite happy with KAY/O's introduction in the Agent pool and feel that another Agent with suppression abilities will do just fine. However, that doesn't reveal much about Deadeye's abilities. So far, we can only assume that Deadeye will have similar abilities to any other Sentinel Agent.

While Deadeye may not be a healing Agent like Sage, fans are expecting him to have some damage abilities in his utility. For instance, Deadeye carries a huge sniper-like weapon. This weapon might be the source of all his abilities just like Sova.


A majority of the community believes that Deadeye is not a Radiant character. This means that the Agent will rely on his tools and radiant technology to combat others. This will be interesting to behold, as a war between Radiants and non-radiants has become a common theme in VALORANT's storyline.

As for now, these are all the leaks and information surrounding Agent 17. Following the previous Agent releases, players can expect that trailers regarding Deadeye will start from the third week of October.

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