VALORANT: New Bugs On Mini-Map Are Possible Easter Eggs For Agent 17 Deadeye

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VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 is merely days away, and a new visual bug has entered the game which fans think is related to the upcoming Agent 17, Deadeye. The next Agent is supposed to be a Sentinel, and the devs informed that Deadeye will have abilities that will encourage gunplay.

In the past few weeks building up to the next Act, players have been noticing strange visual glitches on all the maps. These are similar to the Easter eggs that were released by the devs before KAY/O arrived in VALORANT.


Thus, it is plausible to expect that these new visual glitches are hinting at the next Agent's ability. Several community members took to social media to theorize about these glitches.

But before we delve into these leaks, check out our Agent 17 guide to know all about Deadeye. At the same time, don't forget to brush up on the best Agents to play on Fracture.

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VALORANT: New In-Game Bug Hints At Deadeye's Arrival in Episode 3 Act 3

Remember when the teleporter on Breeze started glowing back in Episode 2 Act 3? It was marking the imminent arrival of KAY/O, who was added to the game in Episode 3 Act 1. Thus, fans can presume that these bugs found in-game are plausibly related to Deadeye.

Before KAY/O's release, we got to see the knife from his signature ability in-game. It was the perfect Easter Egg planted by the developers to hype up the anticipation before KAY/O's arrival. Fans can expect the same with this new glitch.


Reddit user u/Zaper-The-Gamer posted an image of the mini-map that shows an unknown marker. Players haven't seen this one before, and it looks incredibly similar to Deadeye's symbol from the player card in Episode 3 Act 3 battle pass.

You will also notice that a piece of soft music is currently playing in the practice range. The model for the practice range has also changed, implying that players may be able to enter it later in Episode 4. This is possibly where the devs would add an NPC which they teased before.

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VALORANT: Are Cypher And Deadeye Allies?


Deadeye was also teased in the South American LCQ trailer, which showed his face for a frame or two. The trailer also focused on Cypher and fans are wondering if there is a connection between the two.

There may be more connections between Cypher and Deadeye, other than the fact that both agents are Sentinels. Speculations from community experts suggest that Deadeye was a high-end assassin for hire who has a profound knowledge about the two Earths.

It is difficult to ascertain whether Deadeye has any existing relationship with the current VALORANT roster. It will be interesting to see how he fits in the VALORANT storyline, especially with an assassin background.

There is a huge possibility that Deadeye may have old connections with Breach, who was a criminal before he joined VALORANT Protocol.


it is clear now that Deadeye played a major part in destroying the Radian collider on Fracture. You can find two of his sniper rifle casings at opposite sides on the Fracture map. It is plausible that Deadeye wanted to topple the established order which is why he shot the collider.

However, fans will have to wait to find out more about Deadeye's influence on the events that happen in VALORANT's universe.

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