VALORANT RGX 11z Pro Skinline: Release Date, Price, Kill Counter Guns, Katana Melee And More

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Riot Games are set to introduce a new skin line in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2, and it will be called the RGX 11z Pro Bundle. This new bundle was designed after high-end gaming hardware with a touch of emissive LED lights.

The bundle will include the first Katana Melee skin in VALORANT. At the same time, the RGX 11z skin line will be a Premium Edition bundle (PE) and will feature the first kill counter cosmetics in-game. This is quite an innovative introduction in VALORANT and fans cannot wait to get a hold of these items.

So, if you are interested in knowing more about the RGX 11z Pro Bundle then we have you covered. Here's everything about the upcoming skin line in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2.

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VALORANT RGX 11z Pro Bundle: Release Date

Riot Games announced that the new RGX 11z Pro Bundle will arrive in-game with VALORANT 3.07 Patch Update. This means that the skin line is set to release globally by 5th/6th October 2021.

This new skin line will have kill animations that are quite unique. At the same time, the RGX 11z Pro bundle will have five different animation variants, unlike previous skin lines.

VALORANT RGX 11z Pro Bundle: Price And Key Features

The new VALORANT RGX 11z Pro bundle is priced at 8700 VP. Players can purchase VALORANT Points from the store before purchasing the entire bundle. You can also selectively purchase specific items from the RGX 11z Pro bundle.

Here are the key features of the RGX 11z Pro bundle:

  • Kill counter that shows the number of enemies killed every round (displays EZ at end of the round and then resets)
  • Emissive Wall Hit Decals – bullets holes/decals are the same accent LED colour of your gun
  • Colour changes on gun inspect
  • New melee type – first katana in the game
  • Reactive gun buddies – the gun buddy reacts when you fire your gun.

RGX 11z: All Weapons And Variants

The new RGX 11z Pro bundle will feature the following weapons:

  • Frenzy
  • Stinger
  • Guardian
  • Vandal
  • Katana Melee

The RGX 11z skin line will feature Green, Blue, Red, Yellow colour variants with five upgrade levels. The weapons will also contain a kill tracker that is similar to CS:GO's Stat Trak. This kill tracker can be upgraded and will show all the elimination you made in a single round.

The emissive LED light in the skin bundle will change every time you inspect the weapon. This new animation for the RGX 11z Pro bundle is inspired by high-end gaming hardware, spinning tactile mechanical components, and premium reinforced plastic.

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New Katana Melee

The first Katana Melee is arriving in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 with the new RGX 11z Pro bundle. Like all the other exclusive Melee skins in the game, the Katana is upgradable. Players will have to use Radianite Points to unlock the final animation for this new Melee weapon.

The Katana will have similar animations to all the swords in VALORANT. The blade is lined with emissive LED lights to make it more attractive for the user.

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