VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3: Community Suggests Solutions For Run And Gun Mechanics

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 is barely a couple of weeks away, and fans are eager to know more about the upcoming changes. One of the major modifications the community is looking forward to has to do with movement and firing mechanics - run and gun, to be more specific.

The developers informed in earlier patch updates that run and gun is a recurring issue that players encounter in every FPS game. While getting rid of it may be difficult, Riot devs have done their best to subdue the impactfulness of this dynamic.

Regardless, a majority of the community believes that run and gun is ruining the VALORANT experience. Most feel that the shooting-while-running mechanic needs a restructuring.

Here's what the community thinks about the run and gun mechanic going into VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3.

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VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3: Community Requests To Nerf Run And Gun

In Patch 3.03 Riot Games aimed to reduce the effect of run and gun in 1v1 fights. They informed the community how character-movement will affect the accuracy of any weapon in the game. However, since then players have expressed their discontent with these changes.

Most claim that run and gun got a significant boost instead of being nerfed in the previous patch updates. Players from all around the world started uploading relevant clips to show how this mechanic has overrun the game in Episode 3.

In any competitive FPS title, accuracy and precision hold the key to skill improvement. VALORANT is no different, and players are rewarded in this game for their high accuracy and impeccable precision. Nevertheless, run and gun is a dynamic that allows players to look past precision and accuracy to get the desired result.

Fans believe that this mechanic will be the downfall of VALORANT if it's not checked early on. Players exploiting the run and gun mechanic blatantly run past opponents while shooting a weapon. While this sounds ridiculous, it does fetch the necessary result of getting kills.

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Best Run And Gun Weapons In VALORANT?

There are currently 17 weapons in VALORANT, but not all of them are equally efficient with the run and gun mechanic. Single-file weapons like the Guardian, Marshall, Sheriff or Operator do not offer any advantage if a player shoots while running.

On the contrary, auto-fire weapons with suppressors like the Spectre, or the Phantom are excellent for run and gun. Realistically, players can wide-swing on opponents and just run in a semi-circle while shooting.

This method is best explained with the Spectre, where players can kill enemies while remaining in motion. Even heavy machine guns like Ares and Odin also offer the same results. The fact is that very few weapons are left which resist this mechanic.

Earlier, Riot Games informed that all the weapons were tuned to get a motion inaccuracy that would stop players from exploiting the run and gun mechanic. However, it seems that the phenomenon is much more rampant in VALORANT Episode 3 than before.

While there is no official news about upcoming changes for the run and gun mechanics, players remain hopeful that the developers will increase inaccuracy across all weapons. It will be interesting to see how these changes are implemented in forthcoming patch updates.

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