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October 25, 2023: We've added a section just for Spider-Man 2's suits. We've got a complete list as well as some fan favourites from the movies.

The long-awaited next chapter in the Spider-Man series is finally here, with Peter Parker and Miles Morales joining forces to tackle their biggest challenge yet. With new villains and some familiar faces alike in the game, you'll have your hands full keeping New York from falling apart in Spider-Man 2! Fortunately, we've got a walkthrough hub to help you out!

We've compiled a list of all of the essentials for your web-swinging adventures as both Spideys, from things you need to know before you get the game all the way to what happens once you've completed the story. Get all the tips, tricks, and guides you need right here in our Spider-Man 2 walkthrough guide.

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We've done the hard yards so you can focus on the more important things ^^

Spider-Man 2 guides walkthrough

Our review

We were fortunate enough to get a head-start on Spider-Man 2 so we could share with you our thoughts on the game. If you want to know how it compares to its predecessors and performed in the face of the incredibly high expectations placed on it, take a look at our Spider-Man 2 review!

Before you play

Here are a few things you might like to know before you grab your copy of Spider-Man 2. From platform availability to the game's full trophy list, we've got you covered.

Spidey essentials

There's a bunch of basics and essentials that you'll want to know as you traverse the Big Apple as Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Whether it be story-related, technical, or a cool feature in the game, we'll ensure you're aware of it.

Spider-Man suits

Spider-Man 2 has a whopping 78 suits for players to unlock and wear as they swing through the streets of New York. Here's everything you need to know.

Boss fights

It just isn't a Spider-Man game without some of the iconic villains that brought Spidey to fame. Fortunately, Spider-Man 2 brings another solid line-up to the series, and they're not always what you expect. Here are some guides on how to beat the most formidable adversaries in the game.

Combat guides

One of the most anticipated facets of Spider-Man 2 is its combat, and rightfully so. Both Peter and Miles have displayed a wealth of flashy skills in combat that we're all eager to flex. Here are some guides on how to deliver a Big Apple-sized ass-kicking.

Skills and abilities

Both Peter and Miles have a unique arsenal at their disposal, despite both having Spidey powers. You can develop each individual Spider-Man's skills and abilities, as well as the combined talents that they share. Here are some tips on maximising the effectiveness of both wall-crawlers in the crime-fighting department.

Puzzles and quests

Spider-Man 2 has more than one way to test players, and it's not just in combat! There are a number of clues to follow and puzzles to solve to rid the city of its worst criminals. Here are guides to some of the trickier riddles.

Items and locations

It's not called the Small or Medium Apple, it's called the Big Apple - and there's a reason for it. There's plenty to see and do in New York in Spider-Man 2, especially now that the map includes Brooklyn and Manhattan, both of which were missing from the previous Spidey games. We'll get you in the know on key locations and items that you'll encounter as you swing through the streets of NY.

Keep an eye on this page or trust your Spidey Senses, we'll be updating this page constantly with new content. We're your home for Spider-Man 2 so sit back, relax, and go get 'em, tiger!

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