How to get the Black suit in Spider-Man 2

Image of Spider-Man sporting the black suit in Spider-Man 2
Credit: Insomniac Games

The long-awaited Spider-Man 2 is finally here! A Game of the Year contender that ups the ante of previous Insomniac Games titles by bringing many new elements, including the iconic Black suit, also known as the Symbiote costume.

So want to know how to get the Black suit in Spider-Man 2? Don't worry, we got you covered in this guide!

As you're probably well aware, the fact that the Symbiote suit makes an appearance is hardly a spoiler, featuring prominently in the game's promotional campaign, alongside Venom, one of the most ruthless enemies in the entire rogues gallery of the web-head.

So with that said, how do you get ahold of the Black suit in Spider-Man in the first place? Well, time to find out! Be aware some slight spoilers are in order.

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Black suit in Spider-Man 2 - How to get

An image of superhero Spider-Man depicted in Spider-Man 2 wearing a black suit
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Credit: Insomniac Games
Spidey looks slick in black!

Spider-Man 2 features over 60 suits for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, all coming with special abilities and even crazier looks. However, the Black suit is a bit different than the rest, due to how heavily tied is to the game's story.

So, in order to get the Black suit in Spider-Man 2, you simply need to progress through the game's missions until you reach a point where Harry Osborn will straight up give you the powers of the symbiote.

Now, we won't go into much more detail than those we've already shared, but that is the gist of it. If you've been keeping your eyes peeled and played previous Spider-Man games in the Insomniac universe, it won't come as a shock that Peter Parker is introduced to the symbiote (and in turn the Black suit) via long-time friend Harry Osborn.

What this means for the story, well, you'll have to play it and find out! For more content, check out other guides we have for you, including how to perform air tricks and how long will it take you to beat Spider-Man 2. You might also want to know if the game has New Game Plus for some post-story content.

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