How to find Super Slingshot locations in Spider-Man 2

Miles Morales standing by a giant crystal in Spider-Man 2
Credit: Insomniac Games

Miles Morales standing by a giant crystal in Spider-Man 2
Credit: Insomniac Games

Insomniac has really stepped up their game even further when it comes to traversal in Spider-Man 2. Web slinging was already a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping mechanic in the previous games. However, they've taken it a step further with even speedier movement tricks, including the ability to almost fly. One such ability is the Super Slingshot ability that you can use from various Super Slingshot locations in Spider-Man 2.

If you want to keep the adrenaline flowing and don't want the momentum to stop, you should learn how to find Super Slingshot locations. Additionally, there's a way to perform Super Slingshots without needing designated markers. Let's learn all about these.

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Miles Morales preparing to use a super slingshot in Spider-Man 2
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Credit: Insomniac Games
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How to find Super Slingshot locations?

Any rooftop that has orange lights on it arranged like a runway is a Super Slingshot location. If you're having trouble finding these, look at your map, and any location marked with a slingshot symbol is a Super Slingshot location. They're most commonly found on the sides of the East River that separates Manhattan from Brooklyn and Queens. Spiderman doesn't need to rely on boring bridges to get to the key locations of New York!

How to use a Super Slingshot

Once you make your way to any of these Super Slingshot locations, just stand at the designated spot and press the Triangle button. Spidey will throw two webs at the available support pillars and pull himself back until he can launch himself ahead at an incredible momentum. The amount of momentum you get is almost like flying. It's the fastest way to move in the game, aside from fast-travelling to a designated location, giving you a significant boost in speed to start your traversal through New York.

If you think having to go out of your way to find these Super Slingshot locations is a hassle, there's an alternate method of slingshot traversal you can use.

How to get and use the Super Slingshot skill

You can unlock the Super Slingshot ability from the Skill Tree. The skill allows Spider-Man to slingshot launch anywhere without the need for a Super Slingshot launch pad and makes the ability a lot more convenient to use for dynamic and spontaneous traversal. However, do note that the Super Slingshots from the skill will be less potent than the ones you get from designated locations. You won't be travelling as fast or as far when using the Super Slingshot skill compared to the Super Slingshot locations.

That's all you need to know about finding Super Slingshot locations and how to use the Super Slingshot skill. For more Spidey guides, take a look at how to master combat moves like disarming enemies, performing finishers, or webbing enemies to walls!

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