How to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends

One of the almost dozen resources you'll need to deal with in Minecraft Legends is the beautifully blue Lapis. You shouldn't ever struggle with your supplies early on, but if you need a refresher on how to get more Lapis in Minecraft Legends, keep reading. There are a few things to keep in mind.

Just like Prismarine, Lapis isn't a resource you can command your Allay friends to gather up as you make your way across the Overworld. Instead, it's considered a type of loot you'll need to work a little harder to obtain. Given its primary use is spawning mobs, you'll struggle to survive without it.

How to get Lapis in Minecraft Legends

Lapis comes from two primary sources in Minecraft Legends - chests, and Piglins. If you've accumulated excess Lapis without realising it and now need to replicate the process after running out, you'll want to go and bash some Piglin heads.

Lapis falling from a Piglin in Minecraft Legends.
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Bash some piglins

Given you can't spawn essential mobs without Lapis, being able to use your basic attack to two-shot basic Piglin mobs means you'll never truly run out of ways to accumulate the powerful resource. It just makes sense.

You'll find Piglins scattered all around the Overworld whether you're at a stronghold, mining base, or just roaming across the land. But if you want to gather up loads of Lapis fast, take yourself over to an easy Stronghold or base.

Find the Piglin spawner (the one with the trap doors on chains) and just hold your attack button. The piglins will respawn endlessly and swarm around you, basically giving Lapis away like it's candy as they spawn, die, and respawn.

A village chest containing Lapis in Minecraft Legends.
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Claim those chests

Need a quick infusion of Lapis before heading out to defend another village or take down a stronghold? Check your map for any unclaimed Village chests. So long as you've kept them safe through the nights, you should have some filled Village chests to claim.

These always contain basic resources like Wood, Stone, and Lapis in high quantities. You might even find just enough Prismarine to build a new improvement before heading into battle.

Has the village been ransacked? Repair it and you should see the chest return. Its contents will have been stolen and stuffed away in another stronghold, but they'll recover over time. And you might just find them at the next base you head to.

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