How to get Coal in Minecraft Legends

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GATHER COAL Gather coal from the chosen area: Coal unlocks advanced structures and can be used to spawn creepers.

In order to spawn Creepers, you’ll first need some coal. Wondering how to get coal in Minecraft Legends? It’s found in a few different places, but there’s also a much easier way to go about the whole ordeal. Let’s find out all of the best ways to get coal in Minecraft Legends then.

Minecraft Legends is an action strategy game released as a spin-off from the main Minecraft title. It works a little differently from the sandbox game, as there is a clear story and set of mechanics to follow. Rather than being left to your own devices, you’re instead tasked with saving the one you spawn into.

How to get Coal in Minecraft Legends

There are a few different biomes that you can get coal from, but there is one very, very important pre-requisite that you’ll need to complete before you go charging off on your mount.

First, you’ll need to build the Gather Coal improvement at the Well of Fate, otherwise all of your efforts will be for nothing! Once, and only once, you’ve completed this should you go off in search of the mineral.

The coal tooltip in Minecraft Legends.
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This beautiful biome is filled with wildflowers and spare trees. It’s categorised by low, rolling hills and even maybe some bubbling steams if you’re lucky. Out of all of the biomes in Minecraft Legends, it’s one of the flattest.

If this quick geography lesson hasn’t sold you on the biome yet, then just wait until you hear about how you can find coal there. Rather than hiding away in sneaky caves or dangerous areas, coal veins are quite exposed and found easily in the Meadow’s overworld.


Don’t be afraid, for these Badlands aren’t nearly as scary as they sound. The Badlands biome is made up of desert-like plateaus. They’re steep, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting up and down those slopes.

And boy, don’t they make it worth it. There’s a lot of lush plant life there, imagine it almost like a secret jungle. Most importantly, there is also a lot of exposed coal here that is yours for the taking!

If you want to get coal quickly and reliably, then there are the two biomes that you really need to focus on. They’ll have the best amounts of the mineral and also the most amount of exposed veins for you to stumble across.

Gathering Coal in Minecraft Legends.
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How do I mine Coal in Minecraft Legends?

Assuming you've built the Gather Coal shrine at the Well of Fate, you'll be able to use your Gather Allays to mine for the stuff whenever you come across it.

Head to one of the locations above and search for rocks infused with little back squares. That's coal. Select the Gather Coal skill from your hotbar and drop your Gather Allays around the material. The more Allays you drop, the faster you'll get all that lovely coal.

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