How to get Iron in Minecraft Legends

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GATHER IRON Iron unlocks advanced structures and can be used to spawn gridstone golems and mossy golems

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a Minecraft newbie, you need to know where to find iron in Minecraft Legends. This resource isn’t mined as traditionally as in the base game, so you’ll need to go to some very specific regions if you want to unlock those advanced structures.

Minecraft Legends is the latest game to be released by the teams at Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive. It’s an action strategy game that features both co-operative and competitive multiplayer, depending on what kind of mood you’re in.

How to get Iron in Minecraft Legends

In the Minecraft base game, you can find iron just about anywhere, providing that you’re digging, of course. However, Minecraft Legends works a little differently. There are a few select regions that you’ll have to travel to if you want to get access to the valuable resource.

The Iron tooltip in Minecraft Legends.
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The Fatelands

The Fatelands are one of the various new biomes introduced in Minecraft Legends. This area is characterised by gentle hills that are covered in colourful flower meadows and sparse woodland. However, the biome is also home to a number of rock formations that tower above the ground.

Not only is this one of the best places to get iron in Minecraft Legends, but also one of the best places for stone.


As you might expect, the Forest biome is home to a lot of trees. But that’s not all. This richly coloured woodland is home to a wide variety of tree types, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to chop down.

However, just like in real life, the Forest also has a lot of large boulders in it. If you’re lucky, some of these boulders might just contain a source of iron for you to harvest!

Dry Savanna

This dry landscape isn’t quite like any savanna biome you’ve seen before. In fact, the Dry Savannah is a peculiar biome that is the motherland for a number of unique and strange coral plants. It’s very muddy here, not like the crispy desert-style savanna you might have hoped for, so dust off your iron wellies before passing through.

Luckily though, there are a few exposed iron veins in this area. They won’t always be by the water, some of these rocky streaks might just be on the side of a hill, so keep your eye out and you’ll be sure to find enough of the raw metal to get you started!

While you might have luck finding iron elsewhere, these are definitely the biomes you need to head to if you need a lot of it.

How do I get Iron in Minecraft Legends?

To unlock the Gather Iron command for your Allays, you first need to build the Improvement: Gather Iron building at the Well of Fates.

Once you've ridden your mount to one of the biomes listed above, be on the lookout for the Iron deposits in the ground. They're easily spotted by looking for stone with lines of green/brown along them.

Once you have them, select the Mine Iron ability on your hotbar and drop a Gather Allay over the location of the iron. You'll see the iron count in the corner increase or decrease, showing how much of the stuff that Allay can gather in its radius. Drop multiple down to mine the nearby iron faster.

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You'll need to get iron in order to get access to all sorts of things, including those incredibly strong Minecraft Golems you'll need in order to fight against the hoards of mobs in Minecraft Legends. So saddle up your mount and get going.

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