Minecraft Legends crossplay explained

Minecraft Legends crossplay support could make or break the game for many people. Playing with your friends is at the heart of the Minecraft experience. Even big-name YouTubers make most of their best content and creations with a spawn of pals behind them. Will you be forced to play the game on the same system as your friends?

Down below, we'll quickly summarise how crossplay support in Minecraft Legends works. We've already discussed that co-op play in the game isn't like past releases, but that won't spoil every plan you have to enjoy this new release with your squad. Read on to figure out how to plan things around the game's shortcomings.

Is Minecraft Legends crossplay supported?

Simply put, yes: Minecraft Legends is crossplay. That means you're free to enjoy the adventure with your friends no matter which console you all swear by. Better yet, it means you'll be able to bring all your Nintendo Switch consoles to a friend's house, squading up on the go while they churn out golems on the big screen.

What's surprising, too, is that Xbox and PlayStation players can pair up as well. It's rare that the two consoles can link up - especially given Sony's disagreements with Microsoft's attempted buyout of Call of Duty publisher Activision.

Rest assured, though, that it really doesn't matter which collection of consoles you and your friends have. So long as you each have a copy of Minecraft Legends, you'll be able to use crossplay so play together - so long as you all have the necessary online subscriptions to your platform of choice, that is.

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