Is Minecraft Legends free?

In-game image of a character in Minecraft Legends

In-game image of a character in Minecraft Legends

As the release date draws near, many players are wondering if Minecraft Legends will be included in Xbox Game Pass or whether Minecraft Legends is free to play. After all, it's always important to be aware of how much, if anything, the game will cost before playing it with friends or by yourself.

To clear up any confusion, we've compiled the details you'll need concerning whether Minecraft Legends will be free or not.

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Is Minecraft Legends free?

The answer is no, Minecraft Legends isn't a free to play game. It is a premium game that anyone can buy or play for no additional cost if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

How to play Minecraft Legends for free

While it's not a free game per se, some players will still be able to play it at no extra cost.

Minecraft Legends is due to be included in the Xbox Game Pass library from launch, meaning anyone with a subscription will be able to play the game as much as they like without paying anything extra.

Therefore, even if you just want to test Minecraft Legends out, you only need to pay for a month of Game Pass, rather than the full price of the game.

Minecraft Legends price

We already know that there will be two editions of Minecraft Legends for sale, each with a different price. These are listed below:

  • Deluxe Edition for $49.99
  • Standard Edition for $39.99

The base game will be included in both the Standard and Deluxe Editions, along with a 'Deluxe Skin pack'.

Minecraft Legends release date

A recent Xbox Developer Direct revealed that Minecraft Legends will be released on April 18, 2023. Fingers crossed for no delays between now and then.

What can you expect from the game?

Minecraft Legends is an RTS game in which defending against marauders is more important than relaxed sandbox crafting.

It's not the first time that Minecraft has moved away from the base game's structure, but it's an intriguing indication that Legends will move further away from the sandbox format and toward something more expressly goal-oriented.

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