Minecraft Legends pre order bonuses - All editions and extras

A villager looking up to a sunny sky in Minecraft Legends.

A villager looking up to a sunny sky in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends is an upcoming game, and it can be pre ordered as with most modern games. Of course, those who decide to pre order it will likely get some bonuses. Today we will tell you about the Minecraft Legends pre order bonuses.

In this guide, we'll break down all the editions of Minecraft Legends and what kind of bonuses they provide you with. That way, you can choose how you want to get the game prior to its release!

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Minecraft Legends pre order bonuses

There are two different editions of Minecraft Legends. The first one is just the Standard Edition, which gives you no bonuses, as expected. The second one is Deluxe Edition, and it provides those who bought it with some extra items. But what about pre order bonuses?

What do you get in the Minecraft Legends Deluxe Edition?

The Deluxe Edition is the only way to get bonuses in Minecraft Legends. These are a new skin for your hero, and four skins for your mount. Also, it is reported that owners of the Deluxe Edition will get even more additional skins for their mounts after the game’s launch.

A cave biome with a pig boss sat inside in Minecraft Legends.
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How to get Minecraft Legends Deluxe Edition

The best way to get Minecraft Legends Deluxe Edition is to simply buy it in the shop. You can do it via the Minecraft official website and other online stores. Currently, you have an opportunity to pre order any edition of Minecraft Legends. Of course, if you buy the Deluxe one, you will get all the aforementioned bonuses.

Can you get Minecraft Legends Deluxe Edition exclusives if you buy Standard Edition?

According to the official Minecraft Legends pre sale FAQ, those who own the Standard Version of the game will be able to buy the special Deluxe Skin Pack. This pack will give you cosmetic items from the Deluxe Edition. Also, there will likely be more skin packs and other purchasable content down the line.

As you can see, there are no special bonus items or rewards for those who pre ordered the base version of Minecraft Legends. However, you still can get some extra skins if you purchase the Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Skin Pack. If you are looking for more information about this game, make sure to check how to pause, Minecraft Legends mobs, and our Minecraft Legends PvP guide.

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