Minecraft Legends Golems – All golems list

Golems patrolling a grassy red field in Minecraft Legends.

Golems patrolling a grassy red field in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends is a strategy game spinning off from the famous franchise. It allows you to control some really iconic creatures like Skeletons or Creepers. However, today we will talk about another major category of units. This guide will tell you about Minecraft Legends Golems.

According to the information we have so far, there will be many different types of Golems in Minecraft Legends. So, we will give you the list of all confirmed golems so far, as well as how they work!

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Golems in Minecraft Legends

Golems are one of the most popular creatures in Minecraft and of course, they form a large category of units you will be able to command in the upcoming strategy game, Minecraft Legends. Here is the list of all types of golems in Minecraft Legends!

Plank Golems

This wooden creature can be described as a walking turret. It looks like a small barrel that has legs and lots of arrows. It uses its long nose to shoot arrows at your enemies. You can form quite an impressive ranged army with Plank Golems.

Cobblestone Golems

These creatures are heavy units that can be used to break through enemy ranks. They are really tough and can tank lots of hits. Also, Cobblestone Golems deal a decent amount of damage. However, they are quite slow, and can only attack in close combat.

Golems stood perched on rocks on a battlefield in Minecraft Legends.
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Mossy Golems

These units look like walking fountains that spray water around them. This liquid heals your allies, so Mossy Golems are supportive units. They will be a great addition to your army in both offense and defense.

Grindstone Golems

These heavy assault units are also known as Cavalry Golems. They will charge at your enemies and deal a huge amount of damage to them. So, you can use Grindstone Golems to overwhelm your enemies and make them vulnerable.

First of Stone

This giant unit is a bigger version of Cobblestone Golem. It seems to be the biggest friendly mob in this game, and it looks very effective. First of Stone can be used as a huge tanky siege machine, and it will be really useful for those who want to break through the enemy walls.

As you can see, there are many interesting Golems you can use in Minecraft Legends and there could be even more of them. In concept art, we could see the brick version of the Grindstone Golem. So, the developers may add more golems or some skins later down the line.

That's everything we know about Golems in Minecraft Legends so far! While you are here, make sure to read our Minecraft Legends PvP guide, and a look at whether it's coming to mobile.

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