Minecraft Legends mobs - All units revealed so far

A zombie roaming around, wearing a canvas hat in Minecraft Legends.

A zombie roaming around, wearing a canvas hat in Minecraft Legends.

In the upcoming strategy spin-off of the Minecraft franchise, you will be able to command an army of different creatures. Fortunately, Minecraft Legends has some really interesting mobs like Regal Tigers and Piglin Bruisers. Today, we are going to talk about Minecraft Legends mobs.

The game is set to release very soon, and some information about its roster of mobs has been revealed. In this article, we will tell you about all confirmed units you can use in Minecraft Legends.

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What are Minecraft Legends mobs?

Minecraft Legends is a strategy game where you can command various units, and some of these controllable creatures are quite interesting. You will be able to lead an army of Skeletons, Zombies, and even Creepers.

All of these evil monsters are now your allies because of the Piglin invasion. Mobs in this game are divided into friendly and hostile. We will tell you about units that belong to both of these types.

A glowing light in the sky around a battlefield in Minecraft Legends.
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All friendly mobs in Minecraft Legends

The following mobs that you can control are considered friendly. Also, in this category we included creatures that don’t act violently towards the player. Here is the list of all known friendly mobs in Minecraft Legends:

  • Zombie – This type of undead is present in the original Minecraft, and it is quite unusual to see it on the player’s side. You will be able to use these creatures as tough bruisers that can take some hits and deal a decent amount of damage.
  • Skeleton – Originally, Skeletons were your enemies but now they decided to ally with you against Piglins. Those who prefer ranged troops will definitely like these guys!
  • Creeper – These green creatures are able to blow up everything they approach. So, they will be a good tactical instrument in the hands of an experienced player.
  • Llama – Currently, we don’t know much about these creatures and how you can use them, but we can say for sure that they will be present in Minecraft Legends.
  • Horse – This mob will be your starter mount, and you will have to use it to travel across the map.
  • Regal Tiger – This creature was shown in one of the trailers, and it seems that you will have an opportunity to use it as your mount.
  • Golem – Golems are a big category of units that you can control. They are divided into a few different types, starting with small and cheap Plank Golems, and ending with the huge and powerful First of Stone.
  • Turtle – This creature lives near bodies of water and it may help you fight Piglins.
  • Pig – Pigs were also shown in gameplay trailers, and they look like neutral creatures that roam around the map.
  • Ocelot – We don’t know much about these mobs, but we already saw them in some Minecraft Legends trailers.
  • Wolf – Wolves were some of the best companions in the original game, and probably you will get an opportunity to tame them and use them in your battles.
  • Fox – This creature is known for its ability to steal items from the player, and perhaps it will have the same ability in this game.
  • Blue Allay – These tiny creatures can break blocks on your command and bring desired items to you.
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  • Orange Allay – You can use these units to construct various buildings.
Piglins walking through a portal in Minecraft Legends.
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All hostile mobs in Minecraft Legends

Hostile units are mostly Piglins, who are aggressive pig-like humanoids that invade your world through Nether Portals. Here is the list of all confirmed hostile mobs in Minecraft Legends:

  • Grunter – A small Piglin unit that is usually used as cannon fodder.
  • Runt – Another small Piglin unit that has better weapons and armour.
  • Piggo – This mob is a pig-like armoured creature that is used by Piglins as some kind of a small living battering ram.
  • Bruiser – This unit is a huge Piglin that wears nice armour and hits enemies with swords. It seems to be really dangerous, and you should be careful if you encounter it.
  • Lava Launcher – This is the biggest confirmed hostile mob. It looks like a huge unit that launches Lava Cubes at its enemies.
  • Portal Guard – This unit is some kind of a Piglin mini-boss. The huge Piglin wears heavy armour and hits its opponents with a big and deadly flail.

As you can see, the game has an impressive list of interesting mobs, and some of them are new to the franchise. We will keep you informed about all the coolest additions and features that the upcoming game has. Also, while you are here, make sure to check our guide on whether you can get into Minecraft Legends early.

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