Minecraft Legends PvP guide – How it works, features, and more

Two spirits facing off in a shot from the Minecraft Legends trailer.

Two spirits facing off in a shot from the Minecraft Legends trailer.

Minecraft Legends is quite unlike any other game in the franchise. In PvE, you will have to fight against hordes of Piglins, while in PvP you will be pitted against other players. In this Minecraft Legends PvP guide, we will tell you how it works.

Have you ever dreamt about becoming a commander of a huge army in the Minecraft universe? Well, your dreams have come true, because Minecraft Legends has lots of cool strategy mechanics and features we are going to talk about below.

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How many players can play Minecraft Legends PvP?

The PvP mode in Minecraft Legends pits two teams against each other. These teams include up to four players. So, the max number of users who can play in a single PvP match is eight.

A PvP match in progress, as shown in Minecraft Legends gameplay.
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Is PvP in Minecraft Legends cross-platform?

Minecraft Legends is going to be a multi-platform strategy and of course, it is cross-platform. So, even if you are a PC user you still will be able to play with your friends who prefer consoles like PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch.

How does PvP work in Minecraft Legends?

At the beginning of a Minecraft Legends PvP match, you and your comrades will spawn on a randomly generated map. After that, you will need to think over your strategy and choose a role you want to take. The game requires you to destroy the base of your opponents. This means that you will also have to protect your own base.

When you and your teammates decide what kind of strategy you want to follow, you will need to choose the activities you want to do. These can be divided into two categories.

The first category consists of various offensive manouevres. If you want to win you will need to collect resources, find the enemy base, train an army, and attack them. All of these activities belong to the offensive category, and if you are an aggressive player who wants some action, then you definitely should take the role of attacker.

In the early stage of the match, you will need to explore the map and find your enemies. Also, you should try to find some secret chests and resources that will help your team. If you have a decent army, then you will simply need to attack the enemy base and try to deal as much damage as possible.

The second category is defensive. These activities require you to collect resources and build defensive structures to protect your base. You will need to design the shape of your fortress, which is the key to victory. If your base is well-defended then it will be easier to protect it and launch a counterattack on your opponents.

Minecraft Legends gameplay showing one team attacking the base of another team.
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Defensive structures and other buildings in Minecraft Legends PvP

There are many different defensive structures that you will be able to find in Minecraft Legends, so building your fortress is one of the most interesting features of the game. You will be able to build various walls, towers, traps, and other structures. They will help you to protect your base from intruders.

Also, there are some offensive structures. The developers have shown us a huge dynamite catapult in one of the recent gameplay trailers. It allows you to attack your opponents from a decent range, and they will have to build a special tower if they want to protect their buildings from this catapult.

Units in Minecraft Legends PvP

Defensive structures are really useful, but if you actually want to win the match you will need to attack your enemies. For this purpose, you will have to hire different units and use them to form an army.

According to the gameplay trailers, the game has an impressive list of various creatures that you can use as your soldiers. There are lots of different monsters like zombies, skeletons, creepers, and more. These fighters are armed with weapons that they use to perform different roles on the battlefield.

Also, the game offers many golems, animals, and other Minecraft creatures that you can hire. Who knows, perhaps we will get an opportunity to control an army of the monsters from the Nether like Efreets and Ghasts?

Piglins coming out of a portal in Minecraft Legends.
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Are there neutral monsters in Minecraft Legends PvP?

Judging from the latest gameplay trailers, the game has a huge bestiary of neutral creatures. Some of them work as tameable mounts on which you can ride, while others are just aggressive monsters. However, the most remarkable opponents are the Piglins.

Piglins are evil creatures from the Nether that are trying to conquer the world of Minecraft. They are the reason why your heroes and various golems have united with monsters like zombies, skeletons, and creepers. Piglins are going to be your enemies in the co-op mode. In the PvP mode, Piglins can be encountered as a major neutral faction. In trailers, we saw some kind of fortress that these creatures inhabit. You will be able to attack them, and if you win then you will likely get some valuable rewards.

Minecraft Legends is an interesting addition to the franchise and fortunately, it is going to come out this spring. We will keep you informed about this project, so until then we have a list of the best Minecraft shaders for you!

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