Minecraft Legends Netherrack - How to remove Nether Terrain

The Remove Netherrack tower in Minecraft Legends.

The Remove Netherrack tower in Minecraft Legends.

You can build absolutely anywhere in Minecraft, but the same isn't true for Minecraft Legends. Using a unique auto-build mechanic to conjure up pre-determined structures from a menu limits things slightly, but Nether Terrain limits things even more. Here's how to remove Nether Terrain in Minecraft Legends so that you can build where you couldn't build before.

Nether Terrain (or Netherrack) is the only real terrain that can't be used as a foundation for the buildings that seemingly come out of your lute. But by getting far enough into the game, you'll learn that the typically impassable rock isn't quite as tough as something like bedrock from the regular Minecraft game.

How to remove Nether Terrain in Minecraft Legends

When you're attempting to take on a stronghold in Minecraft Legends, you'll quickly find out that you're unable to build on the corrupted land the Piglin base is built on. This means you need to set up your spawners way off on the outskirts. Running back and forth to spawn more mobs gets old fast. But did you know there's a way to remove the Netherrack for good?

To remove Netherrack in Minecraft Legends, you first need to unlock it as an Allay Melody. You can do this by constructing the Improvement: Cure Netherrack building back at the Well of Fate. You'll unlock this after clearing the first few strongholds in story mode. It won't take long.

Constructing the Cure Netherrack building requires just 100 Stone and 100 Prismarine. It's a cheap and very powerful improvement that can dramatically speed up the time it takes to tackle strongholds, so it comes highly recommended. Grab it as soon as you can.

Netherrack in Minecraft Legends.
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Once you've placed the Improvement: Cure Netherrack tower, you'll unlock the Cure Netherrack Alley command. Though you don't technically harvest Netherrack for use later on, you'll find it in the Gather/Harvest tab.

To gather Netherrack using the Cure Netherrack command, you need to start by placing the gather Allay on non-Netherrack terrain. Place it on safe terrain where its reach overlaps with Netherrack, and it will start curing the blighted land as it goes round and round in a square.

Give it some time, then place another Cure Netherrack Allay in the cured space further into the piglin stronghold.

Keep at it, and you'll eventually reduce the size of the stronghold's terrain, allowing you to place things like Spawners and Redstone Launchers closer to the enemy base.

Can you build with Neterrack in Minecraft Legends?

Given the whole point of the game is to fend off a Nether invasion, it stands to reason that you won't be using Neterrack to power your creations. Unless you can turn the terrain against the threat - but we've seen nothing to suggest as such.

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