Minecraft Legends controls guide

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An official image of Minecraft Legends.
Credit: Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive

Minecraft Legends features a more story-driven experience in Minecraft, focusing on carefully thought-out battles and adventurous combat. Before you jump into the game, we'll run through the Minecraft Legends controls guide.

Minecraft Legends has cooperative and competitive multiplayer features. It'll be interesting to see how the controls work in the game for players to build, craft, battle, and strategize how they'll go about leading battles to defend the Overworld.

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Minecraft Legends controls guide

You'll be able to explore the familiar world of Minecraft, however, you'll encounter the sandbox game's rich paradise on the brink of destruction. Piglins from the Netherworld suddenly arrive to corrupt the Overworld and it's up to you to lead your allies in battles to defend it from the Piglins. As a player, you'll be taking on a third-person perspective of a great hero who must defend settlements and fight hordes of Piglins to stop the spread of the Nether corruption.

A screenshot from the gameplay trailer of Minecraft Legends.
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Credit: Official Minecraft YouTube Channel

At the moment, we don't have any information yet on the actual controls of Minecraft Legends. However, we can make some predictions based on how the gameplay works in other Minecraft games.

Since you'll be playing the game from a third-person point of view, the controls will likely be similar to Minecraft Dungeons'. In a Developer Walkthrough video of Minecraft Legends, you'll be able to see the developers using their keyboard and mouse to play the game on PC. Here's the list of controls for Minecraft Java and Minecraft Dungeons that may give you an idea of what to expect for Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Java PC Controls

A screenshot of the controls from Minecraft Java.
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Just like most PC games, Minecraft Java operates on the typical WASD movement controls with other key binds on certain interactions. As key binds are fully customizable, we can expect Minecraft Legends to be as free in key bind customization as other Minecraft installments.

Basic Movement:

  • Mouse Left Click – Melee Attack/ Mine
  • A – Strafe Left
  • D – Strafe Right
  • S – Walk Backward
  • W – Walk Forward
  • Space – various interactions:
  • Tap Spacebar to Jump
  • Double-Tap Spacebar to toggle Fly Mode in Creative Mode
  • Left Shift – Sneak
  • Left Control (ctrl) – Sprint

General Item Control/Management:

  • Q – Drop Item
  • Ctrl + Q – Drop Whole Stack of items (Windows users only)
  • Ctrl + Command + Q – Drop Whole Stack of items (Macintosh users only)
  • E – Open Inventory
  • F – Swap Held Item(s) to Offhand
  • L – toggle Advancements
  • F5 – toggle perspectives (between Third Person and Rear-View)
  • F11 – toggle Fullscreen
  • Number Keys (1-9) – select Hotbar Slot (total of 9 possible slots)
  • Esc – Open the Game Menu and allow Cursor Control; also pauses Single-Player Games
  • F1 – Toggles HUD
  • F2 – Take Screenshot (saved automatically to your .minecraft folder)
  • F3 – Toggle the Debug Menu

Minecraft Dungeons PC Controls

A screenshot of the controls of Minecraft Dungeons.
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Minecraft Dungeons' PC controls are a bit different to Minecraft Java. If you played games like Diablo, Path of Exile, or Torchlight, you'll get the idea of the controls of Minecraft Dungeons.

  • Move: Hold left mouse button.
  • Pick up items: Left mouse button
  • Melee Attack: Left mouse button
  • Ranged Attack: Right mouse button
  • Forward roll: Space bar.
  • Teleport to player: F1, then the press the function key shown for the player you wish to teleport to.
  • Root player: Left shift
  • First item: 1
  • Second item: 2
  • Third item: 3
  • Inventory: I
  • Healing item: E
  • Map: M
  • Map overlay: Tab
  • Friends menu: F
  • Pause menu: Esc key

That's pretty much it for this guide on Minecraft Legends controls. We'll be updating this article once new information comes out on the game's controls. 'Til then, stay tuned and be ready for Minecraft Legends' upcoming release. While you're still here, feel free to check out our other Minecraft content such as our top picks for the best laptop for Minecraft and how to make a brush in Minecraft. We also have a hub on Minecraft 2 if you're interested in that.

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