Is Minecraft Legends on Game Pass?

Minecraft Legends characters stood in front of a base.
Credit: Xbox Game Studios

Minecraft Legends characters stood in front of a base.
Credit: Xbox Game Studios

The new Minecraft game is releasing soon for PC and various consoles, but will Minecraft Legends be on Game Pass? This is the latest title in the block-building franchise from developers Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive.

This Minecraft spin-off is an action-strategy game that takes place in the universe of Minecraft, but does not exactly function the same as the popular sandbox builder. It is a strategy game where players gather materials, recruit allies, fortify bases, and defeat the Nether piglins. The one question for fans is whether it's releasing at launch on Game Pass!

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When is the Minecraft Legends Game Pass release date?

Minecraft Legends is scheduled to release on April 18, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass at its launch on day one. That means Game Pass subscribers can start playing alongside those who purchased the game separately without delay.

Game Pass members can also pre-install the game currently to their PC or Xbox console, and the title will simply update once the game is live and access become available.

The game will be launching into Game Pass on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will also be able to play the game via Xbox Cloud Gaming, where no download is necessary.

Those without an Xbox console or gaming PC do not need to fret, since Minecraft Legends will also be available on other platforms. The game will also be releasing on PC via Steam, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on the same day.

That is everything to know about if Minecraft Legends will be on Game Pass. In the meantime, check out our guides on all Minecraft Legends pre order bonuses and if Minecraft Legends can run on the Steam Deck.

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