Minecraft Legends Steam Deck support - Will Minecraft Legends run on Steam Deck?

Steam Deck logo.

Steam Deck logo.

Wondering if you'll be able to take your blocky business on the go with Minecraft Legends Steam Deck support? Whether you're gaming on the gravel road or just prefer to slay on the sofa, you're likely wondering can Minecraft Legends run on Steam Deck? Let's dig through the gravel and find out together.

This brand-new project from the best-selling Minecraft franchise is the next major spin-off following Double Eleven's Minecraft Dungeons, which was major in partnership with Mojang. This time teaming up with Blackbird Interactive Also, its game design isn’t overcomplicated, and the game has the potential to be released on Steam Deck.

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Will Minecraft Legends run on Steam Deck?

Right now, we don’t have any official statements or announcements to help us pinpoint the game’s performance on Steam Deck. However, there are some facts that make it possible for Minecraft Legends to at least have the chance to run on a Steam Deck.

Minecraft Legends will be available on Steam. That's always a good sign. Though there would have been a way to run the native Microsoft Windows version if the company had decided to confine it to the Windows Store, a native Steam version takes the hassle out of initial setup.

But a game being available on Steam doesn't mean it'll run. Assuming it isn't running a front-end launcher that risks being incompatible like Lost Ark a few others, we still have to think about the game's design and how it'll adapt graphically to fit the Steam Decks hardware limitations.

Thanfully, there are two reasons we think this won't be a problem. First of all, the game is confirmed to launch on the similarly limited Nintendo Switch. If the game can be adapted for this platform, then it’ll likely run on Steam Deck too.

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On another note, Minecraft games are generally built with low-specs in mind. The game made it big by being easy to run on older or less expensive hardware. Given old PCs are usually handed down to children, who then used these to play Minecraft over the years, we can expect Minecraft Legends to follow in similar footsteps.

With the game's minimum requirements on Steam listing APUs like an Intel HD 520-equipped processor, it's safe to assume that Minecraft Legends will run on very low-end hardware when needed, making it a perfect candidate for the perfect Steam Deck title.

This isn't a confirmation just yet (a nasty launcher could unravel this whole thing), but hardware-wise, playing Minecraft Legends on a Steam Deck should be more than possible.

The release of Minecraft Legends is scheduled for April. You'll be able to play it soon - hopefully on a Steam Deck. If you're looking for more Minecraft Legends content, be sure to check out whether or not you can get Minecraft Legends early access.

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