Minecraft player casually builds a model of the entire universe

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An image of the universe in Minecraft.

The square denizens of Minecraft can often be found creating massive masterpieces, such as faithful recreations of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino and the iconic Windows XP background, or even a working kebab machine.

After all, no matter how terrifyingly grandiose your build plans are, there’s only so much time you can possibly spend procrastinating and petting your dog.

This is certainly the case when your idea encompasses the entire cosmos, which was the case for one player whose creation has been blowing the minds of Reddit’s most prolific crafters.

Did you think you’d ever see the Milky Way galaxy in block form?

The thread surrounding this magnum opus in the subreddit r/Minecraft began with a post from its apparent architect, user ChrisDaCow, who shared a short video tour of some of its features, including the likes of a black hole and a super cluster, simply captioning it: “I Built the Entire Universe in Minecraft!”

Naturally, their Minecraft brethren were pretty floored by the beauty and scale of this massive undertaking, which ChrisDaCow revealed later in the thread had taken them around two months to complete, with user Filqon saying: “Wow. Just wow. I mean, truly.. (this is an) out of this world type of build,” and drDOOM_is_in adding: “Stellar work!”

User ThePlagueDoctor_666 took this one step further, adding the build to an existing list of creations which prove how boundless the possibilities in Minecraft are and musing: “at this point I'm waiting to see someone build sentient life in Minecraft.”

Meanwhile, others took a less serious view, with user HeWe015 jokingly comparing the massive accomplishment to the kind of work some Minecraft youtubers would refer to as a spot of off camera mining.

On the other hand, user NeverDeadlyy sarcastically declared their appreciation for the cinematography of the video, saying: “Shout out to the camera man for taking such a risky journey through the universe.”

Regardless of whether you’ve ever created something this ambitious in Minecraft, make sure to follow us for more Minecraft mods and Roblox updates as new content arrives in both games.

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