GTA Online Player Builds The Diamond Casino In Minecraft

An image of the wheel in the Minecraft Diamond Casino.
Credit: u/Xx_memelord69_xX on Reddit.

An image of the wheel in the Minecraft Diamond Casino.
Credit: u/Xx_memelord69_xX on Reddit.

While GTA Online players may lean more towards destruction than creation, they can still deliver some interesting inventions when inspiration strikes.

Whether it’s an in-depth backstory for their protagonist that reads like an Agatha Christie novel or just a unique costume idea for a heist, the imaginations of GTA Online can produce brilliance at a moment’s notice.

This is exactly what’s happened to one player recently, who decided to combine the love of GTA with the now NFT-less Minecraft.

Get Ready To Cash Out Your Square Chips

The thread concerning this event in the GTA Online subreddit began with the terribly named user in question, Xx_memelord69_xX, sharing an image of their masterpiece, a version of Los Santos’ Diamond Casino faithfully recreated in block form, captioning it: “I built the casino in MC survival!”

A number of fellow players responded with praise for the achievement, with user Johnsonfam101 saying: “I respect the grind. How long did it take?”, prompting Xx_memelord69_xX to reply that about eight months of work had gone into the casino.

Users seemed divided on whether to believe this time figure or not, with user FrankFrankly711 saying: “dude that is dedication, mad props!”, while AC2-YT argued: “survival my (bottom), no one has that much free time.”

Others did what gamers always do, demanding more additions to make the casino an even more faithful recreation, with user Bulminator asking: “Can you please add the valet so I can kill him?”, to which Xx_memelord69_xX replied: “I have a mooshroom named valet vic placed there, but we have a rule that if you kill a mooshroom you get banned.”

On the other hand, a user argued for more expansive changes, saying: “it’s only missing the absolute chaos of explosions, bullets, and dead bodies at the front entrance”, leading Xx_memelord69_xX to retort: “Actually, it’s the last week of our realm so we turned it into an anarchy server. I give it like a day without being blown up.”

User Kilo-1-5 was less demanding, saying: “I’m gonna go spin the wheel inside”, prompting Xx_memelord69_xX to reveal that you can in fact do this at the block casino, with several prizes being up for grabs.

So, take your shot at spinning the Minecraft casino wheel and make sure to follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content, possibly starring Michael from single-player, is released.

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