GTA Online Player Cosplays as Despicable Me Character During Heist

A screenshot from GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist trailer.

A screenshot from GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist trailer.

While many may dream of being Batman-style antiheroes, the criminal tendencies of GTA Online players certainly seem to mark them out as much more natural bad guys.

After all, what kind of super villain doesn’t love picking fights with fellow menaces to society, hoarding too much money or dreaming about flying a blimp with enhanced killing abilities?

Despite a multitude of players meeting all three of these requirements, one individual on Reddit has taken things to another level of villainy entirely, suiting up as a particularly dastardly film character for a heist.

Balthazar Bratt Enters the GTAsphere

The thread concerning this in the GTA Online subreddit began with user ItGoesx6 sharing a selfie of them completing the Cayo Perico Heist to nab a pink diamond while rocking the signature hair and moustache of Despicable Me 3 villain Balthazar Bratt, captioning it: “A pink diamond heist? There's only one guy right for the job.”

Several users were quick to get the reference to Bratt stealing a similar pink diamond at the beginning of the film, with Dailoh uttering Bratt’s catchphrase: “I've been a baaaaad boy” and EarthPuma120 posting a gif of Bratt dancing with the caption: “cue the Michael Jackson song.”

Others gave ItGoesx6 credit for doing something a little different, with Anto7358 saying: “gotta appreciate the effort that went into preparing for this!”

On the other hand, some pointed out GTA limitations that made the cosplay less effective than it could have been, with user WHEYtooLITL saying: “I wish you could use your own clothes for the heist” and JoeyAKangaroo adding: “never getting over the fact that facial hair GTA online will always be a (bad) texture”.

Meanwhile, user Lewis024Cub asked which hairstyle was being used, to which ItGoesx6 replied: “Mullet, only available around 4 July, so get it now and you can get it anytime you want after that”.

Meanwhile, other users offered different interpretations of Balthazar Bratt's place in modern pop culture, with Jack_547 declaring: “I'm surprised Balthazar Bratt isn't more of a meme online, he has potential” and thevioletsage saying: “Balthazar Bratt is an example of a good character in a bad movie.”

Regardless of whether or not you love the despicable Dr Disrespect lookalike, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online updates as new content, possibly starring Michael from single-player, is released.

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