GTA Online Players Desire Weaponised Blimps and Crop Dusters

A screenshot of a blimp in GTA Online.

A screenshot of a blimp in GTA Online.

Whether they’re talking about zippy jets or massive cargo planes, GTA Online players certainly seem to love a good aircraft.

Asking for more planes to be added to the game has become regular practice throughout the community, perhaps because mega-rich Los Santos billionaires have begun to run out of other indulgences to spend their hard-earned money on or because taking to the skies is the only way to avoid the wrath of griefers riding the Oppressor Mark 2.

Whatever the motivation, GTA’s resident air enthusiasts have taken to Reddit in order to debate which aircraft they’d like to see brought to the game in the future.

GTA Players Discuss their Interesting Plane Desires

The thread concerning this in the GTA Online subreddit began with user InfiniteOscar1 sharing some images of a jet and captioning them: “give us a new jet already, like an F-14 Tomcat”.

User Arttytwigg was quick to accuse InfiniteOscar1 of having gained the inspiration for their request from watching Top Gun Maverick, but the poster responded that they’d found the plane while playing War Thunder.

Other players quickly jumped on the bandwagon, with user Delta_Alpha_777 saying: “I’d like to see an F-4 Phantom added to the game, it’s my favourite fighter jet” and another user adding: “nah, I want the Sr-71 Blackbird.”

Meanwhile the desires of some players were a little more unconventional, with user Sharp-Glove-3484 floating the idea of a weaponized crop duster, leading Raghav_Verma to build on this idea by suggesting the duster be: “literally invincible, like (it can) tank more missiles than a Kosatka and doesn’t explode upon collision/falls. Would be the ultimate troll vehicle.”

Along similar lines, user MrGigglewiggles said: “how about a weaponized blimp”, leading fellow blimp lover Zootnoison to reply: “Seven Nation Army starts playing”, giving the craft a soundtrack.

Meanwhile, user Mcreesus wants to fly something a little less bulky, suggesting: “a hang glider that has a rocket and it goes in circles when (the rocket) goes off”, which certainly sounds like it would produce some interesting gameplay.

Regardless of whether you think a zeppelin with an RPG strapped to it would be good for GTA Online, make sure to follow us for more updates as new content, possibly starring Michael from single-player, is released.

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