GTA Online Billionaires Are So Rich They Forget What They Own

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.

A promo screenshot for GTA Online.

For GTA Online’s elite, as it turns out, more money does mean more problems. Even for those who’ve carved out unparalleled wealth via heists and missions, life still throws up gut-wrenching challenges on a daily basis.

Picture the scene, you’re in your swanky apartment browsing the web, looking for the one car you need to complete your collection of every vehicle in the game. Then, you find it and make the purchase. Thinking that the job’s done, you head to one of your many garages to take your new ride for a test drive.

Then, you walk in and disaster strikes. Sitting next to your new car is an exact copy that you’d forgotten you owned. Anguish ensues. Yes, apparently this exact scenario is genuinely happening to some GTA players now.

GTA Online Billionaires Are So Rich They Forget What They Own

Posting in the GTA Online subreddit, user ASithLord66 shared their desire for “a small feature that adds a checkmark next to owned vehicles before accidentally purchasing it again”, alongside a crude mockup of what said feature could look like in-game.

As it turned out, their concern was a semi-universal one within the GTA community, with user OlFattyLumpkin declaring: “yes I would like that” and CellyBeanz admitting: “I’ve lost track of the cars that I own.”

Several users even went as far as suggesting alternative methods of integrating the feature outlined by ASithLord66, with stonerthoughtss saying: “I’ve thought of something like this too. Have like a (Quantity Owned: 2)”.

On the other hand, user indi4na_jones opted for a slightly different approach, saying: “or maybe when you click ‘Buy’ a small screen pops up saying ‘You already own one copy of this vehicle, do you wish to buy another one?’”

Meanwhile, user penpen3108 advocated for wider reforms of GTA Online’s UI, saying: “Or we could have a better inventory management system (weapons, vehicles, snacks...) that allow you to easily see/select/relocate what you want, make favourites. Imagine not having to press 50 times to select a car for heists and working gun lockers…”

User rbprbp1994 recommended that those struggling to keep track of what they’ve bought in the game should start using the website GTA Base to log it all and ensure that future mistakes are kept to a minimum.

Despite this, it seems that until Rockstar does something, GTA players will continue to suffer from success.

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