GTA Online Billionaire Wants To Share Out Their Money

A group of people around a table with money strewn across the room.

Given its status as gaming's primary crime simulator, one of the words you likely don’t associate with the Grand Theft Auto series is ‘sharing’.

Since its inception greed has ruled in Rockstar’s sandbox, with GTA Online proving no exception to the rule. However, almost a decade into the lifespan of GTA 5’s online mode, things could be starting to change.

You see, no matter how big the game gets or how often updates drop, hardcore GTA Online players are reaching the point at which they’ve amassed the financial resources necessary to buy and own pretty much everything they could ever want in the game, from vehicles, weapons, and even a thriving portfolio of properties.

GTA Online Players Want To Share Money

So, rather than stop playing the game, some uber-rich players seem to have decided that a better option is to politely ask Rockstar if they can gift portions of their ill-gotten gains to players less fortunate than they are.

Posting on Reddit, user DeadyDeadshot lamented: “I've had 1.9 billion for the last 18 months with nothing to spend it on. I wanna make other players happy.”

In response, several users pointed out that this actually used to be a feature in GTA Online back when the game launched in 2013, allowing players to dole out rewards to others who helped them with jobs.

However, the feature caused issues and was exploited by cheaters and modders, who used it to give away funds generated from small in-game jobs they’d edited to offer massively unrealistic rewards, in addition to putting billion-dollar bounties on players, which naturally turned lobbies upside down.

User TheMinick suggested that it is still possible to distribute small sums in GTA Online via the inventory section of the game’s interaction menu, though some PC players responded alleging that even this feature is completely absent on that platform, having been taken out due to the cheating.

Another benevolent-minded player suggested that DeadyDeadshot could help out poorer players by doing the game’s Cayo Perico Heist with them, taking on the heavy lifting and changing the job’s cuts to dish out the majority of the reward to the other player.

On the other hand, user Dreki_Diablo delivered a different and more extreme proposition for what to do with all that wealth, saying: “become Batman, and grief griefers”.

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