GTA Online Streamer Earns $6 Billion Without Cheating

A promo image for GTA Online.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

A promo image for GTA Online.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

If cash is king in the real world, cash in GTA Online is more like a religion.

As we’ve covered previously, Rockstar’s sandbox is full of accumulation aces, people who’ve transformed relentlessly trucking through heists and maximising business profits into a twisted art form.

While some of these hardcore GTA Online players are reaching the point at which they’ve run out of vehicles, weapons, and properties to buy and giving up the grind, a YouTube streamer has decided to take things in the opposite direction.

GTA Online Streamer Earns $6 Billion

Playing on Xbox, YouTuber ChrisGamer1996 seemingly hit the $6 billion milestone during a livestream on 8 May, having previously hit $5.9 billion during a stream on 25 April.

The achievement was posted to the GTA Online subreddit by user weirddude632 and earned an interesting and mixed reaction from players there.

For instance, the top comment by user LowerClassBandit conveyed a sense of awe at the amount of money earned and the level of self-discipline taken to avoid spending it on something frivolous before hitting $6 billion.

However, user TheDarkBeast1487 was less impressed, commenting: “I get that this is a massive achievement and all but why waste all that time grinding to 6bil when 1bil is more than enough to buy everything in the game.”

This prompted a response from weirddude632, comparing the achievement to those of GTA reputation point grinders who level up well past the point at which everything controlled by that mechanic is unlocked and adding: “Achievements feel great when you accomplish them, no matter how much they contribute to the grand scheme of things.”

TheDarkBeast1487’s observation paled in comparison to some of the other negative responses in the thread, many of which went far beyond asking why anyone would grind $6 billion, openly insulting ChrisGamer1996 and questioning the legitimacy of the achievement.

This prompted responses from weirddude632 and a number of other users expressing disappointment in the ‘toxicity’ of the comments on the post.

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