GTA Online Players Gutted Over Repeated Heist Tequila Reward

An image of a reward from GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist.

An image of a reward from GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist.

Repeatedly working your way through the Cayo Perico Heist remains one of GTA Online’s most popular methods of making money.

After all, how else are players supposed to afford the upkeep on their ever-expanding property portfolios or splash out on a new chrome wrap for their favourite supercar?

Sadly, it seems that not all Cayo Perico players are satisfied with the frequency at which they’re receiving the heist’s most valuable prizes.

GTA Online Players Agonise Over Cayo Perico Tequila Reward

Posting on Reddit, user cestanja shared the fact that they’d received the tequila, the least valuable reward someone replaying the heist can receive, three times in a row.

Some other players sympathised and shared similar experiences, with onion_surfer14 admitting that they’d once had the tequila reward appear nine successive times and another user one-upping this record with an apparent run of 13 straight tequila heists.

User nhoj4321 shared possibly the most tragic account, saying: “I've done the heist like 100 times and 70 of them have been that.”

Other users weren’t as cut up about not getting what they wanted, with Pungent_Bill saying: “it's still good money for the time invested” and another user adding that they’re happy with the tequila as long as they’ve grabbed a few minor rewards to accompany it.

User Sinlego shared that they often choose to find a new session in order to avoid getting the tequila reward, though other players responded suggesting that the extra time this strategy takes isn’t worth it.

Some players seem to have had no problems getting the heist better rewards consistently, with mentions of the slightly more lucrative bearer bonds and pink diamond, which can earn $1,100,000 and $1,300,000 respectively on normal difficulty, compared to the tequila’s $900,000, cropping up regularly in the thread.

On the other hand, user SuperCool_Saiyan urged Rockstar to give players the ability to simply drink their hard-earned Cayo Perico tequila rather than selling it.

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