GTA Online Players Tire of Collecting Money They’ve Earned

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Success in GTA Online is often painted as a glamorous thing, with gold-plated supercars, huge yachts and expansive property empires serving as the rewards awaiting those who conquer the world of crime.

However, the lifestyles of the rich and famous in Rockstar’s sandbox are much more complex than that, seemingly suffering from some of the same problems that might affect us mere mortals on a daily basis.

One prominent example being discussed by players on Reddit is the daunting commute faced by GTA business tycoons, who must traverse Los Santos and Blaine County in order to collect the money generated by their investments.

GTA Online Players Tire of Collecting Money

Posted by user Wes666, one thread calls for the addition of a function to allow players to pay a small admin fee in exchange for having the executive assistant collect the money in their stead, saving valuable time.

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Even though there are only three safes in the game that require this kind of collection run, located in the nightclub, agency and arcade, in the case of some players, the distances between these properties are larger than would be ideal.

For example, one user described never bothering with their arcade safe because the property is on the opposite side of the map to their other properties, a side effect of having received it for free as part of an in-game promotion.

While some other users found Wes666’s request to pay to have the money collected amusing, with NickTheFly saying: “bro really purchasing his own money,” the poster defended it by simply saying: “collecting money from safes scattered over the entire town is not exactly fun gameplay.”

This split in opinion was reflected throughout the rest of the thread, with user MrGilbert665 saying that even though their properties are all located in close proximity to each other: “it’s still exhausting to go from one business to another just to collect the money.”

On the other hand, a number of players seem to find some enjoyment in the roleplaying element of being a boss inspecting all of their businesses as they collect the money, but would still welcome the ability to automate it, with KeyserSozeNI saying: “I like to 'do the rounds' at my businesses and check up on everything but I'd probably still use this option occasionally.”

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