Ninja and Dr Disrespect Declare Love For Old School Tech

A screenshot of Dr Disrespect using his flip phone.

A screenshot of Dr Disrespect using his flip phone.

Blue-haired Fortnite streamer Ninja and moustachioed Call of Duty Warzone aficionado Dr Disrespect both look like they lead fairly modern lives, with cutting-edge tech allowing them to hang out virtually with their legions of fans.

Whether what they’re broadcasting to millions is an intense League of Legends battle or a hard-fought Fortnite no-build tournament, both rely on the wonders of modernity on a daily basis, though that’s apparently not where their hearts lie.

Indeed, some recent tweets have seen both men declare their appreciation for the gadgets of yesteryear.

Big Streamers Crave the Retro Aesthetic

Taking to Twitter, Ninja, who recently did the same to ask his fans where they’d opt to live in Fortnite, this time asked them to tag someone who’d never seen the controller pictured in his tweet.

The device in question was a Nintendo 64 controller, which many older gamers might consider sacrilegious for someone not to have set eyes upon.

Nevertheless, the streamer’s followers seemed to have no shortage of people to tag, with the official account of chef Gordon Ramsay, former US president Barack Obama and Ninja himself all being identified as likely culprits.

One user even went so far as to suggest that the entire Fortnite community likely hadn’t seen the controller in real life.

A short time later, Dr Disrespect tweeted along similar lines, declaring: “It must be a bad feeling shattering your iPhone. I wouldn't know, can't shatter a flip phone. Think about it.”

The doc’s followers certainly did think about it, with one calling the streamer “ahead of the game since ‘93” and another admitting: “damn I might have to switch back”.

Dr Disrespect was also in the news earlier this month defending the inclusion of NFTs in the upcoming game from his studio Midnight Society, which laid out a roadmap for the title, codenamed ‘Project Moon’, back in May.

Meanwhile, Ninja has seen his icon skin return to Fortnite’s item store in recent months and also revealed what happened to his planned involvement in an EVO Super Smash Bros tournament back in 2019, during a poker live stream that also featured MrBeast and fellow influencer Ludwig.

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