Minecraft Legends mounts - Everything we know so far

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The character is on a horse somewhere in the forest in Minecraft Legends.
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Minecraft Legends mounts play a significant role in the game and provide you with different benefits. The Minecraft world is invaded by Piglins, and various creatures have united to resist these invaders, and it's your job to stop them.

Some Minecraft creatures will help you to fight Piglins, while others will serve you as mounts. The game launches in April, and in anticipation of this release, we will tell you everything we know so far about these rideable creatures.


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Can you ride a horse in Minecraft Legends?

Let’s start with a basic mount. At the beginning of your playthrough, you will have a steed with, upon which you can move faster. It seems that the Minecraft Legends heroes are unable to move without a mount - or at least, we haven’t seen them doing so. As a starter mount, the horse is unlikely to have any special abilities.


Can you ride other mounts in Minecraft Legends?

According to the trailers and materials we’ve seen so far, including this article from the Minecraft website, you will be able to ride various creatures in Minecraft Legends. The developers have shown us that Regal Tigers will be rideable. Also, the article above states that all mounts have unique abilities, such as increased movement speed or climbing. So, it seems that you’ll be able to find a mount that will help you to perform whatever strategy you use.

Do Minecraft Legends mounts have skins?

We already know that Minecraft Legends Deluxe Edition will give you five skins for your mounts if you buy it. So, we can say for sure that at least the basic horse mount can be customised. Also, the other creatures will likely be customisable too.


Tigers, horses, and other creatures are going to be your mounts and all of them will help you to achieve your goals. Make sure that you’ve chosen the right mount for your strategy! As soon as we know about more mounts and how each one works, we'll update this guide.

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