How to unlock the Regal Tiger mount in Minecraft Legends

The Minecraft Legends Beetle mount flying.

The Minecraft Legends Beetle mount flying.

You might as well not have feet in Minecraft Legends. You can't use them. You order your golem army around from a horse at the start, but as the skins tab suggests earlier, it's not the only option. Here's how to unlock the Regal Tiger mount in Minecraft Legends to replace your bucking buddy.

The Regal Tiger is one of four mounts in Minecraft Legends, with the others being the horse, bird, and beetle. And while they're not essential to your triumphs in this action-strategy game, they're fun to dress up with cool new skins.

How to unlock the Beetle mount in Minecraft Legends

To unlock the Regal Tiger mount in Minecraft Legends, you just need to play through enough of the opening until the map fills up with lots of village, stronghold, and various other markers.

The Regal Tiger mount location in Minecraft Legends.
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After completing the showdown in which the skeletons, zombies, and creepers come out of the woodwork to help you win, you'll have free reign to galavant around the world as you see fit.

Once you have complete control over your adventure, you'll want to open up the map and hover your cursor along the different biomes. Look for the Dry Savannah. Drop a marker and get a move on.

Being as barren as it is, it shouldn't take long to find a number of Regal Tiger mounts mooching around the dusty desert. To befriend one, just get close and hold the button prompt to hop from your current ride to your new chariot. And that's it.

How to get your old mount back in Minecraft Legends

You can find any old mounts you've befriended waiting for you at any friendly teleport. Whether it's the Well of Fate or a village, spawn in and you'll soon see your ridable pals pop up as well.

If you want to bring them all out for the ride, you can actually use your Rally command before you jet off on your new ride to have your biological buddies follow along so that you can switch between them on-the-fly.

All Minecraft Legends Regal Tiger skins

We'll be updating this section with every skin you can slap onto your beetle mount in Minecraft Legends. Check back soon.

What are the other Minecraft Legends mounts?

As stated earlier, Minecraft Legends features a few different unlockable mounts. Click through the guides below to find your perfect pet:

Can't live without more Minecraft Legends? We've covered Minecraft Legends mounts, its potential inclusion on Gamepass, the release time, and whether or not Minecraft Legends is free as well. And if you're struggling with the basics, check out the Minecraft Legends biomes and how to find Diamond for those important crafts.

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