How to unlock the Brilliant Beetle mount in Minecraft Legends

The Minecraft Legends Beetle mount flying.

The Minecraft Legends Beetle mount flying.

There's no travelling by foot in Minecraft Legends. You command your golem army from the top of a dutiful steed early on, but as you may notice from the skins tabs before starting the game: it's not the only mount you'll find. Here's how to unlock the Beetle mount to ride around on instead.

The Brilliant Beetle represents one of four creatures you can ride in Minecraft Legends, with the others being the horse, bird, and tiger. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. And while they're not essential to your triumphs in this action-strategy game, they're fun to dress up with cool new skins.

How to unlock the Beetle mount in Minecraft Legends

To unlock the Brilliant Beetle mount in Minecraft Legends, you just need to play through enough of the opening section of the game for the map to finally fill up with lots of landmarks.

The Beetle mount location in Minecraft Legends.
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After completing the showdown in which the skeletons, zombies, and creepers come out of the woodwork to help you win, you'll have free reign to seek out loads of new markers on the map.

One of these is a question mark symbol "?" just to the left of the centre of the map. You should see another one even further left. Head to the first of the two and you'll soon come across a small colony of Brilliant Beetle mounts just waiting to whisk you away.

The Minecraft Legends Beetle mount.
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To unlock and ride the beetle mount, you just need to approach one of them until you're close enough to see the "Swap mounts" command appear beside them. Hold the indicated button and you'll hop from your current mount to the new one.

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How to get your old mount back in Minecraft Legends

You can find any old mounts back at the centre hub world, where you'll be free to hop between them as much as you like. If you like to change more frequently, you can actually use your Rally command before you jet off on your new ride to have your previous one follow along. That way you can switch between them whenever you like.

What does the beetle mount do in Minecraft Legends?

The Minecraft Legends beetle mount uses its wings to give you a little bit more air time with each jump. It's also great for climbing up steep cliffs quickly. With that in mind, they're wonderful creatures for quickly traversing unknown lands. Just climb high, jump, and hold the jump button to flutter along.

All Minecraft Legends Beetle skins

We'll be updating this section with every skin you can slap onto your beetle mount in Minecraft Legends. Check back soon.

What are the other mounts in Minecraft Legends?

You can unlock a couple different mount types in Minecraft Legends beyond the default horse and Beetle. Check them out below:

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