How to get Stone in Minecraft Legends

A base in Minecraft Legends
Credit: Minecraft

A base in Minecraft Legends
Credit: Minecraft

One of the first things you’ll be taught in the Minecraft Legends tutorial is how to collect basic resources. However, life isn’t always that easy and you might find yourself wondering how to get Stone in Minecraft Legends, or if there’s an easier way to go about the whole process.

Well, you’re in luck. Not only will we explain to you how to collect stone, but also some of the best biomes and mechanics that you can employ to make sure that you’re the best stone gatherer the Minecraft world has ever seen!

How to get Stone in Minecraft Legends

Stone is readily available in the game. You won’t need to try and find an exposed cave or anything either. What you need to look out for are boulders in the Overworld that you can freely dig from.

One of the best biomes for collecting stone in is the Fatelands, as this area has huge, towering pillars of stone just jutting out of the ground. If you’re especially lucky, you might also find some iron while gathering up the stone!

However, there is a much easier way to collect stone, one that you won’t even need to dust off your trusty pickaxe for.

Gathering stone in Minecraft Legends.
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In Minecraft Legends, you get access to friendly mobs called Allays. These little sprites can be instructed to mine particular resources, even as you ride past them.

All you need to do is order them to the stone or wood location and they will start gathering them for you. This will free up your time and energy for the more important things, like saving those villagers.

This is even better when you realise you will always need wood and stone in Minecraft Legends. The game ensures that you need an ever-increasing amount for builds, so don’t be afraid to let those Allays fill up those chests.

Later on, you'll even be able to upgrade your wooden structures with stone to make your village fortifications more durable.

Where to find other materials in Minecraft Legends

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