How to get Wood in Minecraft Legends

Trees in Minecraft Legends
Credit: Minecraft

Trees in Minecraft Legends
Credit: Minecraft

As the gameplay focuses so heavily on building new structures, you’re probably wondering how to get wood in Minecraft Legends. This resource is one that you will never have enough of, as it’s used in almost every single build. Once you’ve figured out the best ways to get wood and stone in Minecraft Legends, you can focus on some of the resources that are a little trickier to get.

In a fashion much different to the Minecraft base game, there are new and much more efficient ways to gather wood than simply hitting trees with an axe. You’ll have to keep reading to find out what that’s all about, though.

How to get wood in Minecraft Legends

First of all, you need to know where you can gather wood from. A lot of the resources in Minecraft are strictly limited to certain biomes. For example, you can only really find Diamonds in one or two places!

That being said, if it’s trees you’re looking for, then you’re in luck as they can be found in almost any biome in the game. Not only that, but if you can see a tree, then you can almost certainly gather wood from it. Simply hit the tree and collect the wood to get started.

As you might have already found out if you’ve made it a little further into the game, you’re going to need wood for all of the builds. A lot of wood.

But don’t panic. One of the new creatures introduced in Minecraft Legends are the Allays. These little sprites can be placed down to automatically mine resources for you. As long as there’s something like wood or stone in its radius, it’ll get collecting for you. And the more you place in the same general area, the sooner you'll gather up all of those important resources.

Trees used to collect Wood in Minecraft Legends.
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This means that you can spend more time on the important things, such as focusing on the main storyline and also seeing how far you can jump off of Jagged Peaks with your mount before collapsing from damage.

Once you’ve gathered enough wood, you’ll be able to make more upgrades and then go on to free the next village from the threat of the Nether-dwelling Piglings.

Where to find Wood in Minecraft Legends

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Wood is the most readily-available resource in Minecraft Legends. As any tree can be harvested for its wood, and they're more obvious thanks to standing tall against the ground, it's very easy to find and gather all the wood you could possibly need in an instant. You'll find a source of wood in almost any biome, too. Just look for growth.

Where to find other crafting materials in Minecraft Legends

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