How to get Diamond in Minecraft Legends

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GATHER DIAMOND Gather diamond from the chosen area. Diamond unlocks advanced structures and can be used to spawn skeletons.

Diamonds are a Minecraft player's best friend, and that hasn’t changed one bit in the latest spin-off. If you want to know how to get Diamond in Minecraft Legends, then you’re in luck. We’ll take you through the best biomes to gather the priceless mineral and what you can use it for.

If you’re new to Minecraft Legends, then you’re in for a treat. This action strategy game from the gang at Mojang Studios takes a new spin on the old Minecraft formula. Rather than an open sandbox world, there is an entertaining storyline and all new mechanics to learn.

How to get Diamond in Minecraft Legends

Diamonds aren’t used the same as in the base game, in fact they’re used to spawn skeletons in Minecraft Legends.

That’s not all though, there are some exclusive advanced structures that only this mineral can unlock. However, as with some of the other resources, you’ll need to build the Gather Diamond improvement first at the Well of Fate.

The Diamond tooltip in Minecraft Legends.
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An icy landscape dotted with snowtopped trees and frozen streams, the Tundra biome is as easy to recognise as it is to traverse. Not only do these frosty areas look cool (mind the pun) and seasonal, but this is also one of the best areas to find diamonds in.

The cold blue-coloured mineral can be found out in the Overworld, in what feels almost like a Minecraft miracle. The diamond deposits are also reasonably large, so you won’t be limited to a measly block of 4 as you might be in the base game.

Jagged Peaks

The Jagged Peaks biome can be a pain to get around in, they are characterised by steep cliffs and deep valleys that you will have to scale up and down. This is easier with a mount, but not by much. However, these cliffs are a great option if you’re participating in PvP battles in Minecraft Legends, as they offer great natural defences for those fights.

Back to the topic at hand, the Jagged Peaks biome is one of the best areas to find diamonds in. Once you climb up to the top of the mountains, you’ll be greeted by more diamond deposits than you’ll be able to carry. Just try to get as many as you can in your pockets so you don’t have to go through the effort of climbing the Peaks again any time soon!

How to gather Diamond in Minecraft Legends

To gather Diamond, you first need to place the Gather Diamond improvement at the Well of Fate.

From that point on, you'll be able to select the Gather Diamond Allay ability on your hotbar to direct your Allays to harvest any Diamond in the area. The more Allays you place in the same area, the quicker you'll harvest those rare materials.

Once you’ve gathered the diamond, you’ll be able to spawn skeletons and unlock more advanced structures to your heart's content.

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