How to get Redstone in Minecraft Legends

GATHER REDSTONE Gather Redstone from the chosen area. Redstone unlocks advanced structures and can be used to spawn zombies.

GATHER REDSTONE Gather Redstone from the chosen area. Redstone unlocks advanced structures and can be used to spawn zombies.

Redstone, unlike its Coal and Iron compatriots, was never simple to find in the core Minecraft game. That being said, trying to figure out how to get Redstone in Minecraft Legends couldn’t be simpler; once you know where to go of course. Then it’s just a case of loading up your mount and trying to find the right biome!

Minecraft Legends is the latest game from Mojang Studios. This new action-strategy adventure was made with the help of Blackbird Interactive. Rather than having the whole world to harvest resources from, you’re instead tasked with saving the inhabitants from a piglin invasion from the Nether.

Where to find Redstone in Minecraft Legends

Redstone may not be the most obvious choice to some, but it is the key ingredient needed to spawn Zombies. It’s also used in a whole variety of different advanced structures.

The Redstone tooltip in Minecraft Legends.
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However, (and this is very important) this is one of the materials that you’ll need to build the relevant improvement for. In this case, you need to unlock Gather Redstone at the Well of Fate before you can get any!


This luscious mangrove paradise looks exactly how you expect it to, although it’s not quite as gloomy as its main game version. You’ll still find all of the same droopy trees and earthy colour palettes, but it’s so much more than that in Minecraft Legends.

As well as a variety of mushrooms and exclusive plant life here, you’ll also be able to find exposed Redstone deposits! They can certainly look like red mushrooms from a little distance away, so keep your eyes peeled and try not to miss them!


Home of towering jungle trees and bubbling rivers, this biome is easy to spot from miles away.

The jungle is a dense and vibrant area where not all of the plant life is as friendly as you might hope. Be careful while you negate your way around the hills, and you might just be lucky enough to find enough Redstone to make it worth your while.

A Redstone mine in Minecraft Legends.
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How to mine Redstone in Minecraft Legends

Assuming you have the Gather Redstone improvement set up in the Well of Fate, you'll be able to hover over your new Gather Redstone Allay command to instruct any and all Gather Allays to harvest Redstone. The more you send out at once, the sooner you'll gather it all up.

Once you’ve gathered enough Redstone from these areas, you’ll be able to take it back to your home base and build all sorts of wonderful advanced structures with them. There are even rumours of a unique and powerful Redstone Launcher that you’ll be able to create to quickly destroy distant structures.

Where to find other crafting materials in Minecraft Legends

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