How to get Gold in Minecraft Legends

Feeling the gold rush? Here's how to get Gold in Minecraft Legends fast. Unlike a few of the other resources, this one isn't naturally occurring in the Overworld. You won't happen upon it by chance in a few biomes, ready to be plucked from the ground by your gather Allays. You have to work a little harder for the precious metal.

Down below, we'll go over exactly how to find the valuable material in Minecraft Legends. It's needed to make some of the best improvements and army mobs in the game, so you'll want to stock up before a big battle.

How to get Gold in Minecraft Legends

As mentioned earlier, you won't find Gold deposits resting in the earth like most other resources. To get Gold in Minecraft Legends, you need to attack Piglin bases relentlessly. Because their structures are essentially powered by the stuff, destroying Piglin structures will keep Gold coming into your coffers.

The best way to farm gold early on is to simply work your way up through the Piglin base chain. Zoom into the map to spot smaller mining outposts that can be destroyed quickly.

Once you've toppled a few of these, you should have enough gold to build some stellar improvements at the Well of Fate and some powerful units like the zombies and golem.

Finding gold in a Piglin chest in Minecraft Legends.
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Another way to get gold is through villager chests, Piglin chests, and Allay chests found around the world. There's no guarantee you'll find gold in them, but it's a secondary source that may help boost your resource count when you need it most.

How to get other resources in Minecraft Legends

Need more for your build? We've got words on how to get every resource in the game at speed:

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