How to increase storage limits in Minecraft Legends

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A resource cap reached in Minecraft Legends.

Tired of having to pass up on collecting all that lovely diamond out in the snow? Need more redstone to build an army consisting of nothing but launchers? You need to know how to increase the storage limits in Minecraft Legends. They're not the most exciting thing to work on, but the grind will have long-lasting effects.

Learning how to increase the max number of resources you can carry in Minecraft Legends is pivotal to a strong army, and ever sometimes downright necesarry when strong upgrades require more than you can typically collect. Here's how it's done.

How to increase storage limits in Minecraft Legends

To increase the amount just about any resource from the bottom-left counter you can carry, you just need to follow along with the main story until you can construct the relevant Allay storage improvement or another instance of the gather Improvement that unlocked the material you want to carry more of.

Follow the table below to know which improvement to build based on the resource cap you want to increase:

Craft Cost Resource increase
Improvement: Allay StorageStone, Gold, PrismarineWood, Stone Lapis, Prismarine, Gold
Improvement: Gather DiamondStone, PrismarineDiamond +150
Improvement: Gather CoalStone, PrismarineCoal +150
Improvement: Gather RedstoneStone, PrismarineRedstone +150
Improvement: Gather IronStone, PrismarineIron +150

Once you have the required resources for the improvement you want to create, just fast travel back to the Well of Fate, select the improvement from the hotbar, and drop it close to one of the four pillars surrounding the well itself.

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