Minecraft Legends voice actors - Who voices Knowledge, Foresight, and Action?

The Minecraft Legends voice actors are a trio you've likely heard before. Though they're voicing characters entirely new to the Minecraft universe, there's something about the bunch that sounds overly familiar. If you're wondering who voices Knowledge, Action, and Foresight - the three narrators who guide you through the game, read on.

It's far from the first time Minecraft has used voice actors to tell one of its weird and wacky stories. Though the base game has nothing of the sort, Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Story Mode, and the upcoming Minecraft movie have all added a voice (or three) to the series initially known for its charming grunts and chirps.

Minecraft Legends voice actors

Who voices Knowledge?

Elroy Powell is the voice of the short but stalwart Knowledge. Beyond showing up in a single episode of the UK's long-running soap opera Eastenders in 2016, he's also voiced Magnus in the DOTA2 spin-off Artifact, Jack Matt in Dying Light 2, and played the role of Union Jack in the 2019 movie Fighting with My Family. He was also Rosser Weno in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Who voices Action?

Action is voiced by Scarlet Grace. A British actress you'll have heard as Hermione in the Harry Potter: Magical Movie Moments series, Thillelille in Another Eden, and stared in the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost Amazon series Truth Seekers as Charlotte White for its single season run.

Who voices Foresight?

Pamela Nomvete is the voice of Foresight, but you'll have seen her very recently in the Star Wars: Andor series as Jezzi, where she played the role in three whole episodes. For the gritty drama fans, she was also Serwa in seven episodes of Gangs on London.

We'll be adding a couple more voice actors to the list soon. Beyond the main three, some of the Piglin forces are properly voiced, too. Even a few of the structures are.

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