Is Minecraft Legends splitscreen? - Local and online co-op and PVP detailed

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Four friends in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft has always flourished as a shared experience. Whether you're playing local split-screen, online with a friend, or just having someone watch you build a fortress, it's a big part of how the franchise has become such a household name. But is Minecraft Legends co-op? The answer depends on a few key things.

Down below, we'll quickly explain how Minecraft Legends co-op play works (and how it doesn't). Simply put, you won't have the same level of cooperative freedom with this game as the last popular spin-off Minecraft Dungeons. It's possible to play with friends, but sharing isn't caring this time around.

Minecraft Legends co-op explained

Is Minecraft Legends split-screen?

Nope. Not this time. Split-screen co-op is not a feature in Minecraft Legends, and it probably never will be. So you won't be able to hook up two controllers to one console and play together.

Is there local co-op?

If you have two different devices and two copies of the game, then yes, you can play local co-op on Minecraft Legends. You'll be able to buddy up with friends so long as you're all playing separate copies of the game on different devices.

Is there online co-op?

Yes, of course. Just like with local co-op, so long as you're all playing your own copy of the game, you can initial co-op Minecraft Legends play with your friends.

How to start co-op in Minecraft Legends

Once you're on the main start screen, you'll have a few options when it comes to playing with friends. Whether you chose to continue your campaign adventure, start a DLC mission, or enter PVP, you'll see a prompt to invite friends through your Friend List.

Make sure your lobby is set up to accept or deny strangers, invite your friends, or just ask them to search for you through their game.

Why is there no split-screen co-op in Minecraft Legends?

According to the developers, there's no split-screen co-op play in Minecraft Legends purely because of issues with the HUD and general visibility. Splitting the screen in half would mean doubling the already large HUD for each player.


Given you need to see a lot of the game world at once to play the game well, split-screen view would understandably affect the gameplay in a way the developers have seemingly decided isn't worth it.

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