How to activate the first golems in Minecraft Legends

As you explore the map that Piglins are attempting to take control of, you'll likely come across dismantled brutes you can actually recruit to your cause. Here's a quick look at how to activate golems in Minecraft Legends. They're not an essential part of the puzzle, but paired with the other unlockable units roaming around, they'll bolster your battalion.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to smash through the sturdy structures of Piglins (especially of the Bastion variety), you'll want to seek out the deactivated golems ahead of the towers you'll sometimes come across, too. Unlocking either requires resources, so weighing up the pros and cons of your given situation is worth it before you commit to the craft.

How to activate golems in Minecraft Legends

On the odd occasion, the Minecraft Legends map will highlight one of its potential little secrets by dropping a "?" icon for you to spot while looking for your next destination. These can be potential new mounts or the aforementioned towers you can also put to use in myriad ways, or they can be golems you can eventually activate for your future battles.

Even without one of these question mark icons springing up, it's possible to naturally run into a golem on your travels. But what can you do when you find one? Pressing the button prompt won't work to activate the resting brawler.

The improvement needed to re-activate golems in Minecraft Legends.
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To awaken a golem in Minecraft Legends, you need to head back to the Well of Fate and build yourself the Improvement: Wake the Firsts tower. This only becomes available after interacting with a golem, so you'll need to seek one out before you can rouse it from its slumber.

Just stick a marker on your map before you teleport away to build the necessary improvement - that way you'll easily be able to reap the fruits of your labour once construction is complete.

With that done, you'll be able to re-activate the golem by rushing back and holding the button prompt again. These homunculi were created by the Hosts Foresight, Action, and Knowledge aeons ago, and they'll gladly help you in your fight to protect the land their creators crafted. Alongside Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies, they'll prove invaluable allies in your efforts.

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