How to get Creepers in Minecraft Legends

The player character surrounded by Creepers in Minecraft Legends

The player character surrounded by Creepers in Minecraft Legends

Boom! Today we have an explosive article in which we'll show you how to get Creepers in Minecraft Legends! If you played Minecraft, you've probably been annoyed by Creepers, that constantly sneak up to you from behind and cause devastating consequences.

In Minecraft Legends, they will become your support in the fight against the terrible, evil Piglins. Just like in regular Minecraft, Creepers will deal devastating damage to enemies and structures, which will help you get to the heart of evil faster. Let's talk about how to enlist their support!

How to get Creepers in Minecraft Legends

If you need a truly destructive force, then you've come to the right place, because Creepers are noble creatures who will destroy enemies at the cost of their own lives. Creepers will help you overcome any obstacles and lead your army to any nook and cranny of the enemy location.

Minecraft Legends character with a bunch of creepers.
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To unlock these mobs, you need to conquer their own territories, namely the Creeper Homestead. To do this, you'll need to engage in a battle with the gold-loving Piglins.

Your goal is to overcome all the enemies that will be in this location and, with the help of your army, approach and destroy the portal to hell, which is the source of energy and the place of power of your enemies. Don't forget to prepare well for the battle and stock up on the necessary resources and assistants, because the battle will be fierce!

After conquering the territory and completing all the necessary tasks to free the location, you will unlock the Creepers and be able to use them in further battles. But remember, if the Piglins return to Creeper Homestead again, you will need to defend these territories to keep the Creepers helping you.

Minecraft Legends Creepers price

Once you have access to Creepers, just like with all other mobs, you need to have certain resources to be able to spawn them for further use. Below is the price of a Creeper spawner:

  • Wood x25
  • Stone x25
  • Coal x5

To get a Creeper, you need the following:

  • Flame of Creation x1
  • Lapis x1
  • Coal x2

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